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The War on Drugs: Winners and Losers

Is the war on drugs in the U.S. causing greater societal harm than the problem of drug abuse itself? This provocative program features interviews with Bruce Benson and David Rasmussen, co-authors of Illicit Drugs and Crime; Eric Sterling, former Counsel to the House Judiciary Committee; Joanne Page, director of the Fortune Society; and others. Together they indict flawed initiatives that have made criminal forfeitures into a cash cow, private corrections into a highly profitable industry, social workers and doctors into informants, and children of convicted mothers into wards of the state. Powerful statistics and case studies support their claims. (93 minutes)


Item#: EDP11181
Copyright date: ©1999

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3-Year Streaming $149.95

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Altered States: A History of Drug Use in America
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3-Year Streaming $169.95
Broken Child: Case Studies of Child Abuse

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Crank: Made in America

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Warning Signs: A Look at Teenage Violence
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DVD + 3-Year Streaming $149.93
3-Year Streaming $99.95

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