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Megan Allsopp (02:40)


Megan and Chris McComisky, fifth year students, are on after-hours duty. A 13-year-old dog, Penny, suffers from internal bleeding.

Approaching Final Exams (01:12)

Jade Ridsdale and Pete Ricci, prepare for final exams. Their days are filled with constant studying.

Complex Surgery (05:23)

The team assembles for Penny's surgery. Megan Austin will assist surgeon Jayne McGhie and Chris will assist anesthetist Dr. Griet Haitjema. They discover Penny's adrenal tumor has ruptured.

First Day of Exams (02:08)

The fourth-year final exams are a combination of 700 hours of lectures, practicals, and assignments. Some students dress in costumes.

Jersey Eats Chocolate (03:00)

At the Murdoch Pet Emergency Center, Stephanie attempts to induce vomiting for a dog, Jersey.

Horse Anesthesia (02:59)

The fourth-year exams come to an end. Chris and Susie Clohessy anesthetize a racehorse named Coastal Storm, who is in for a minor operation on a leg injury.

Anesthetizing Troubleshooting (01:37)

In the main hospital, Erin and Megan struggle to get a labradoodle, Harry, sedated. Megan must select an appropriate anesthetic and calculate the dose.

Successful Anesthetizing (04:04)

Coastal Storm's surgery is underway, and Chris and Susie must remain vigilant for signs that the horse is waking up. Back in the hospital, Harry shows signs of waking up. Coastal Storm's operation is complete; the dangerous part is waking him up.

Unsuccessful Anesthetizing (02:51)

Harry wakes up too quickly from surgery. His kicking legs knock supervising anesthetist Jo unconscious, leaving Megan in charge.

Credits: Vet School: Part 3 (00:31)

Credits: Vet School: Part 3

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Vet School: Part 3

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Veterinarian students at Murdoch University face the toughest year of their academic course. After four intense years of books, lectures, and theory, they will turn theory into practice. For the first time, students will be involved in all aspects of pet care; from critical operations to frontline emergency care, treating everything from farm births to severe animal trauma. In part three of this six-part series, Jade Ridsdale and Pete Ricci take their fourth-year final exam, Megan Allsopp struggles with Harry the labradoodle, and Chris McComiskie and Susie Clohessy anesthetize a horse named Coastal Storm. 

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