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Introduction: The Worlds of Philip K. Dick (01:36)


In this documentary, viewers will learn about the life of Dick and learn the importance of his work. (Credits)

Philip K. Dick: Chapter 1 (01:40)

Biographer Gregg Rickman recalls his interview with Dick. Dick describes his love for science fiction as an art form and describes how the Berkeley intellectual community also introduced him to Proust and Joyce.

Dick's Early Career (02:45)

Dick worked in a record store until after he had a panic attack— he decided to concentrate solely on writing fiction. Rickman describes how Dick received many rejection letters until he sold "Roog."

Varying Repeating Themes (01:51)

Rickman describes Dick's quirky sense of humor and how he aspired to be a literary novelist, but no publisher would print his more critical manuscripts. Dick expresses how he tried to make his work profound.

Philip K. Dick's Books (02:56)

Rickman describes Dick's prolific nature. Author David Brin explains how Dick revolutionized pulp fiction. Listen to a reading of "Retreat Syndrome".

Philip K. Dick's Troubled World (02:38)

Dick's therapist and biographer describe Dick's psychoses and how Dick escaped into science fiction.

"The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch" (01:57)

Peake describes how Dick incorporated events in his daily life and discovered the novel as he wrote. Rickman explains how his step daughters influenced his use of dolls in the work.

Philip K. Dick: Amphetamines (01:39)

Experts and friends discuss Dick's drug use. Listen to Dick explain why he began taking meth and the reaction when he stopped.

Philip K. Dick's Relationships with Women (02:43)

Dick's latest spouse Tessa describes the difficulties of living with an agoraphobic. Listen to an excerpt of "The Simulacra". Spatz explains how Dick tried to rescue women.

Philip K. Dick's Relationship with his Parents (01:56)

Philip explains his relationship with his father. Tessa describes how his mother blamed him for the death of his twin sister.

Phantom Twin (03:30)

Experts and family members discuss how Jane, Phillip's twin sister, became a recurrent theme in his books and life.

Human or Robot? (02:08)

Dick recalls an experience where he believed his teacher was an automaton. Experts discuss this recurrent theme in Dick's writing.

Blade runner (03:52)

Experts and family members discuss the importance of Dick's work and how it influenced Hollywood movies. Hear an excerpt from "Exhibit Piece".

Triumph of Technology (01:27)

Rickman describes Dick as a dissident. Hear an excerpt of "Doctor Bloodmoney".

Alternate Realities (03:29)

Experts talk about the literary significance of "The Man in the High Castle" and Dick's inspirations. Hear an excerpt.

Vietnam War Protest (02:22)

Experts talk about Dick's anti-war proclivities which drew attention from the authorities. Listen to an excerpt of "The Chromium Fence".

Control of the Government (03:15)

Friends and experts discuss how Dick believed the government was controlling the population and how a house break-in influenced his writing. Listen to an excerpt of "A Scanner Darkly".

"The Penultimate Truth" (01:45)

Experts and friends discuss the plot of this book and how the government influenced Dick. Listen to an excerpt of "The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch".

Predictive Crime (02:43)

Experts and friends describe "Minority Report" and how successful predictive policing has become.

"VALIS" (01:55)

Listen to a notation from "The Exegesis". Friends describe how "VALIS" turned Dick into a prophet.

2-3-74 Experiences (02:41)

Tessa explains Dick's fascination with orthogonal time. Friends describe how Dick became convinced he could see another reality, and share their reactions to his "Exegesis" journal. Listen to Dick's own thoughts about these experiences.

Dick's Failing Vision (03:59)

Spatz describes how he urged Dick to go to the emergency room the evening before his first stroke. Listen to an additional excerpt of "The Exegesis". Friends discuss how Dick wrote of his own death eight years prior and remember his last days.

Credits: The Worlds of Philip K. Dick (01:02)

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In this documentary film, viewers learn about the life of Philip K. Dick including his early work as a pulp fiction novelist, his successful career with Hollywood, and his obsession with artificial intelligence. Friends and experts remember the man, his importance in the literary world, and the psychoses that drove his work. Hear excerpts of Dick talking about his own work. 

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