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Germany: One Night in Cologne: Introduction (01:17)


On New Year's Eve in Cologne, a crowd gathered outside the Gothic Cathedral. Foreign men groped German women, inciting a bigger debate on immigration.

Welcome Culture (03:34)

In the past year, over 1 million asylum seekers arrived in Germany; Europe is now locking down its borders. Migrants from one of the last trains into Cologne receive food, water, and medical care. Many may not qualify for asylum.

New Year's Eve in Cologne (02:34)

In the square outside the Gothic Cathedral, hundreds of German women were sexually assaulted and robbed by foreign men; three women share their experience.

Violence and Migrants (03:44)

A press release by Cologne police stated that the New Year's Eve celebrations were peaceful; two days later they acknowledged the violence. Experts discuss the "culture of silence" around crimes committed by those with a migrant background. Lawyer Ingo Lindemann states that the perpetrators cannot be categorized as refugees.

Looking the Other Way (04:06)

Over 130,000 asylum seekers that arrived last year have disappeared. Yassin, an illegal migrant, recalls the events of New Year's Eve in Cologne. Magazine publisher Alice Schwarzer believes the attacks were a result of "misguided tolerance;" there is growing support for right-wing populists.

Immigration Denial and Support (03:46)

The German anti-immigrant movement Pegida is growing. Frauke Petry, head of the Alternative for Germany Party, links violence with migration and integration policies. A crowd protests the Alternative for Germany Party.

Extreme Parties? (01:49)

Petry says she is not a preacher of hate. Bild Newspaper Editor Tanit Koch believes that Germany needs to be a more liberal debating culture; she cites taboo subjects.

Migrant Influx (02:15)

Chancellor Merkel urges German citizens to see immigration as an opportunity. Mario Ascani volunteers helping refugees; he owns a refugee hostel.

German Opportunity (02:17)

Asylum seekers receive a place to stay and money to live on while their applications are processed. Germany has the lowest birth rate in the world. Meet two African refugees that live in Ascani's hostel.

Celebrating Carnival (04:28)

Ahead of carnival, people handed out leaflets to explain the event to refugees. Victims of the New Year's Eve attack discuss the change of mood for German people since the attacks. Experts characterize the attacks as a wakeup call.

Credits: Germany: One Night in Cologne (00:26)

Credits: Germany: One Night in Cologne

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A mob sexual assault on young women during a New Year’s Eve celebration snapped Germany’s tolerance of mass migration. In this film, hear from victims of the attack and a lawyer who represents 125 men accused of theft. Examine conflicting views toward asylum seekers and refugees, and the impact of the attacks on German consciousness.

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