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Introduction: Costa Rica to Panama: Stephen Fry in Central America (02:06)


Stephen Fry begins the journey on the Rio Colorado. The Coast Guard Fleet contains confiscated Colombian drug running boats. Dan Wise runs a fishing retreat geared toward catching tarpon.

Fishing for Tarpon (02:02)

Wise describes Costa Rica as the Switzerland of Central America. Wise and Fry do not catch a fish. Fry heads to La Selva Biological Station.

Leafcutter Ant Colony (02:46)

These ants live in colonies with a population of four to eight million. Fungus is treated with a microbe to protect the food source. All the ants are female— Fry pulls out the queen.

Large Ant Colony (02:51)

Leafcutter ants need to create ventilation shafts because the food source is sensitive to heat. A winged queen is ready to create a new colony. Adrian Pinto shows how an ant's bite can close a wound.

Costa Rica Rainforest (02:14)

Michelle Thompson holds a strawberry poison dart frog. The male tends the nest until they grow to tadpoles. The female brings the tadpoles down to the food source.

Dendrobates Auratus Frog (04:04)

Thompson finds a green and black poison dart frog. After processing the mites and ants, the frog's skin becomes poisonous. Fry pets bats.

Volcano Country (03:58)

Fry visits the Poas volcano. Volcanologists use gas masks to neutralize acids in the air. Because Costa Rica does not have an army, the government can appropriate more funds to civil needs.

Clinico Biblico (02:08)

San Jose is an epicenter for medical school and tourism. Dr. Jacobo Zafrani explains that most of his patients are from America because weight loss surgery costs less in Costa Rica.

Gastric Sleeve and Bypass (02:44)

Fry meets Tammy, a woman from Arkansas who will be receiving surgery. Zafrani performs the operation.

El Classico (02:48)

Costa Rica's soccer team advanced to the quarterfinals in the World Cup. Saprissa and Alajuelense play a match. "Pura Vida" is an attitude of Costa Rican people.

White Water Rafting (02:52)

Fry attempts to raft down the Pacuare River— a grade 4 rafting adventure.

Jaguar Rescue Center (02:21)

Fry visits a home in Costa Rica that rehabilitates injured animals. Encar must feed the baby sloths every three hours. Many sloths become injured because they mistake power lines for tree branches.

Crossing into Panama (02:01)

In Porto Bello, Panamanians celebrate their heritage. The Guna people revere leatherback turtles and will not allow individuals to touch them.

At Night (02:38)

Fry watches a leatherback turtle lay her eggs. The mature female returns to the exact spot where she was born fifteen to twenty years later.

On the Way to the Panama Canal (02:08)

Fry visits Casco Viejo and discovers a hat store. Panama hats are weaved in Ecuador. In 1904, President Roosevelt wore the accessory touring the construction site.

Panama Canal History (02:20)

Ferdinand de Lesseps began construction. The United States Army Corps of Engineers adopted the project and completed it in 1914. It remained a U.S. territory until 1999— Fry meets a United States born dredger.

Rivers Blow into the Canal (03:23)

The bottom of the canal is constantly shifting, so debris needs to be removed. Fry learns how to dredge the canal.

Credits: Costa Rica to Panama: Stephen Fry in Central America (00:38)

Credits: Costa Rica to Panama: Stephen Fry in Central America

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In this video, Stephen Fry travels through Costa Rica and Panama participating in local customs, learning the culture, and exploring historic sites. He learns about the native animals,climbs a volcano, watches a soccer match and drives a dredger . A BBC production.

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