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Getting Married (02:11)


Helen Nixon's future in-laws watch as she prepares for her wedding. Joel Fernandes is excited. They work for the Disabled People's Organization in Dili.

Paralyzed (02:31)

After a car accident seven years ago, Fernandes lost the use of his legs— his work and social life changed. He met Nixon when he was invited to give a talk about disabilities in Australia.

Difficulty Moving in the Marketplace (02:00)

Nixon fell in love with Fernandes' character and approach to life. In Timor Leste, people with disabilities rarely leave their homes. Nixon enjoys challenging preconceived ideas on disabilities and race.

Challenging Ideas (02:04)

Nixon traveled to India, Africa, and Southeast Asia teaching staff to work with people with disabilities. She supervises 12 projects across 6 countries. She does not oversee Fernandes' project because it is a conflict of interest.

100 New Cases Annually (03:57)

Leprosy can be cured with drug therapy— without treatment, it leads to infections and amputations. Fernandes and Nixon visit a fourteen year old boy with Muscular Dystrophy. Fernandes worked with his school to install a ramp and renovate the bathroom.

Role Model (02:32)

Fernandes and Nixon want to change the community's attitude. Fernandes' car accident empowered him to become a voice for the disabled population. Nixon's father Stephen is greeted by Fernandes' family.

Living Apart (02:13)

Nixon shares a room at the Leprosy Mission, while Fernandes lives with his family. Fernandes worried how Nixon would react to the living conditions at his home. Nixon wants to help Fernandes make his home more accessible.

Communicating With Skype (01:55)

Nixon first visited Timor Leste three years ago, and only spends a month at a time in the country. Nixon is happy that she and Fernandes no longer need internet dates. Steven visits Dili.

Timor Leste's History (02:15)

Most of the community is Catholic. Indonesia invaded the country in 1975. Nixon did not know much about the occupation until she spent time with Fernades' family.

In Love, but Not Blind (02:12)

Nixon is aware of the challenges she will face marrying from a different culture. Fernandes plays in a basketball game. He hopes to pursue an engineering degree and create adaptive equipment.

Economic Growth (02:57)

Nixon and Fernandes want to be a part of the country's redevelopment and help others with disabilities. Fernandes hopes for children. The couple marries three weeks later.

Credits: Timor Leste: A Love Story— Against the Odds (00:41)

Credits: Timor Leste: A Love Story— Against the Odds

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Joel Morais Fernandes lives in Timor Leste. He became an advocate for the disabled after a motorbike accident left him a paraplegic. He and fellow humanitarian are about to get married after overcoming social stigmas and cultural differences.

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