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Blinded by Aniridia (02:02)


Mary Fisher describes how swimming empowered her to become more confident in all aspects of her life. She suffers from a congenital condition characterized by a lack of iris in her eyes.

2006 (03:33)

At age 13, Fisher could see shapes, colors, and large print, but when she turned 15 she lost the rest of her eye sight. She bean concentrating on swimming. In 2012, she won the gold medal and set a new world record at the Paralympic Games.

Desire to Keep Swimming (03:23)

Fisher meets with her coach, Craig Albery to improve her times. She describes how an assistant tells her to get ready to turn. Albery comments that Fisher needs to lengthen her arm strokes to get more depth.

Lucky to Live in New Zealand (02:44)

Fisher wants to study speech therapy. Because she trains so frequently, her social life is hampered. She lives with 7 other students in a house by the University.

Apartment Living (02:12)

Fisher explains that the most difficult aspect of living in an apartment is the thin walls. She makes muffins with her roommate. She does not possess supersonic hearing but needs to be more vigilant with details.

Albery Coaches Fisher (02:00)

Fisher prepares for a race, and comes in first.

Outside Events (02:57)

Fisher tries to incorporate other activities outside of swimming into her week. She attends a music group then works out with a trainer. The trainer describes how he explains modifications to Fisher so she will understand.

Preparing For Canada (02:20)

Fisher makes a list of what to take to Canada. She can tell the different denominations of Canadian currency by touch. She packs for the trip

In Montreal (03:21)

Albery describes how he will coach Fisher in the coming days. She comments that sometimes not being able to see helps maintain her concentration. Fisher wins the gold medal in the backstroke.

Rest Between Sessions (02:18)

While Fisher rests, she thinks about what worked for her in the morning swim trials, and what she hopes to concentrate on during the next race. She wins the butterfly and freestyle gold medals as well.

Credits: The Rise of Mary Fisher— Against the Odds (00:42)

Credits: The Rise of Mary Fisher— Against the Odds

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Mary Fisher eyesight deteriorated during her teen years until she became blind. Watch as she overcomes adversities to become one of the strongest swimmers in the 2013 Paralympic Games in Montreal in this episode of Against the Odds.

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