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Recovery in Auckland's Spinal Unit (02:23)


Amanda Lowry broke her neck surfing. After working hard and defying expectations, she is ready to be discharged from the hospital after 12 weeks.

Lowry is Discharged (02:22)

Lowry and her partner, Gemma Holroyd, rent an apartment, because their home is inaccessible. Lowry is still dependent on help from caregivers. Holroyd feels badly about leaving Lowry alone.

At the Old House (02:42)

Lowry needs to be carried upstairs. She will meet an architect on Friday to decide if the home can be made accessible or if they should sell.

Hydro-Therapy (02:01)

Lowry feels best when she is floating in water. Although Tauranga is supposed to have accessible ramps on its street corners, many are too hard for Lowry to traverse by herself.

Greiving the Person She Was (02:44)

Lowry did not realize how much the injury would impact her family until she returned home. She works with a therapist to be able to live independently.

One Year After the Accident (02:26)

Lowry is proud of her accomplishments, but thought she would be more improved by now. She and Holroyd are buying a home by wetlands with plenty of accessible trails and ramps.

A Little More Broken (02:15)

Lowry's swimming is improving. She feels that she is returning to the person she was prior to the accident.

Playing Rugby (02:24)

Lowry feels camaraderie with her team members.

Vulnerable Without Working Legs (02:31)

Lowery explains how she and Holroyd's roles within the family have changed. She worries about making a strong contribution to her family. She does enjoy being more present for her children.

More Balance in the Relationship (02:00)

Holroyd describes how the roles have reversed between her and Lowry. Lowry wishes that she could be spontaneous. Holroyd believes that Lowry is starting to realize that her rehabilitation may take longer than expected.

Lowry Returns to Work (03:34)

A caregiver drives Lowry to the university. Lowry teaches a sociology class. She feels empowered that she is contributing economically to the family.

Credits: Amanda's New Life— Against the Odds (00:43)

Credits: Amanda's New Life— Against the Odds

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Amanda Lowry became a tetraplegic after breaking her neck in a surfing accident. One year later, she hopes to exceed expectations and walk again. Watch as she rehabilitates and learns coping skills on this episode of Against the Odds

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