Segments in this Video

Difficult Diagnosis (02:18)


Claude's diagnosis was difficult for Rosamund Hill to accept. She remembers thinking that she should be giving the news to a family, not be on the receiving end.

Claude Avoids People (02:45)

Claude likes to twirl and wander around alone. Martin Wylie describes how Autism manifests in his son. He appeared normal until the age of two when he began to regress— Hill explains the symptoms of autism.

Claude's Autism (02:08)

Claude is diagnosed on the severe end of the spectrum. He is intellectually impaired, uses almost no language and manifests stereotyped behaviors. Hill massages Claude's feet to get him to speak— he only talks when he really desires something.

Annabelle Comes Home from School (02:50)

Claude responds positively to his sister Annabelle. The family moves to a farm in North Auckland. Hill and Wylie feel like they have participated in every trial, drug, and therapy possible to help Claude.

Claude is a Mystery (03:00)

Claude was improving, but suffered a setback and lost all the language skills he had acquired. Scientists and the autistic community gather to help discover Autism's cause. They plan to study genetic codes of families.

Rarity of Autism in Girls (03:53)

Maria and Stephen Monks have three children (2 boys and 1 girl) that are afflicted with autism. They try to implement a visual system of rewards with Jessica. The Monks describe how she has impacted their social lives.

Mind for Mind Study (02:46)

Scientists will be looking for mutations in the genetic code. No previous studies account for more than one percent of those diagnosed. Hill describes how her life is impacted by raising Claude.

Wylie Changes Jobs (02:40)

Wylie now runs Elevator, a non-profit that helps people with disabilities find jobs. Claude visits his father's workplace. He wants to touch everything— Wylie is vigilant with safety precautions.

Microbiology Studies (03:29)

Mike Taylor studies how bacteria in the stomach alter brain chemistry. Hill believes that by participating in the study, she will help another family in the future. She is aware these treatments most likely will not be used on Claude.

Credits: Unlocking Autism— Against the Odds (00:41)

Credits: Unlocking Autism— Against the Odds

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In this video, two families struggle with a family member afflicted with autism. Scientists from Auckland University study the disease in this episode of Against the Odds

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