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Being a Deaf Parent (03:21)


Sarah Mason panicked when she discovered she was pregnant; she told Jerrod Burrell by text message. The couple is excited and nervous. Watch Victoria and Greg Lessing with their children.

Getting Ready for School (02:18)

The Lessing have two children: Adrian and Solvita— Solvita can hear. Watch as Victoria performs her morning routine. Both children's primary language is sign.

Leaving for School (03:34)

Victoria does not have the same access to teachers and play groups as hearing parents. Adrian attends a local pre-school where the other children can hear. Watch as she tries to communicate with the teacher.

Antenatal Class (02:08)

At 34 weeks into the pregnancy, Sarah and Jarrod attend class with an interpreter. They describe how inclusive the hearing couples and teachers were.

Lessing Household (02:10)

Greg buys Adrian an ice cream cone. Instead of full time employment, Victoria works several jobs in the evenings. Greg and Victoria agree that teamwork is essential.

Moving in Together (03:10)

Jarrod helps Sarah move in. Ashton is Jarrod's son from a previous relationship; he is looking forward to having a brother.

Play Group (03:57)

Baby Logan arrives three weeks premature. Sarah's mother taught her to lip read and speak. She would like to teach Logan to speak American Sign Language as well as English.

Bilingual School (02:54)

Victoria wants to pass deaf culture and language on to her son. Jarrod and Ashton play with baby Logan. Ashton signed milk when he was eight months old.

Nighttime Routines (03:56)

Victoria and Greg feed the kids and put them to bed. Jarrod rocks Logan to sleep, and Sarah places him in his crib. See a preview of an upcoming episode.

Credits: Parenting By Sign— Against the Odds (00:40)

Credits: Parenting By Sign— Against the Odds

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In this video, follow Sarah Mason, a deaf woman, as she prepares to give birth. The Lessings provide guidance and coping strategies in this episode of Against the Odds

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