Segments in this Video

Living with Cerebral Palsy (03:05)


Anthea Henry-Hurst uses technology and notes to communicate with the world. She cannot speak or control her movements— she manipulates her head to operate a computer. Caregivers act as her hands.

Born Normal (02:28)

At three weeks old, Anthea was diagnosed with cancer— she died three times on the operating table. When she recovered, doctors discovered cerebral palsy. She began to improve at the age of seven, but regressed physically as she grew.

Discovering Bocce Ball (04:06)

Anthea met Michael after joining the international Bocce team. Michael comes home to discover she has had a "CP" attack, but he laughs it off as he assesses the damage. The couple marries in 2011.

Devoted Husband (02:44)

Michael wants to be Anthea's caregiver, but she refuses. Michael only needs the communication box on really bad days. Anthea has a muscle spasm as she is being strapped into her chair.

Ramp Assistant (02:52)

Anthea wants to represent New Zealand in Bocce. During practice, Michael is not allowed to look at the balls, and must stare at Anthea the entire time. She hopes to perform well at the Oceana championships.

At the Beauty Salon (02:30)

Anthea receives a haircut; she talks about the qualities she likes about her appearance. She and Michael are soulmates. Michael works forty hours a week in a trophy shop.

Getting Out of the House (02:29)

Anthea and Michael feed ducks in a park. Anthea gets upset when Michael teases her about running him off the road.

Oceana Championships (02:24)

Anthea and Michael travel to Sidney to participate in a big bocce tournament. He hopes they do well.

Arriving at the Tournament (04:15)

Anthea competes against the best bocce player in Australia who also has better equipment and extensive training. The coach helps her understand she has enough time to set up her shots. Win or lose Michael and she are an unbreakable team.

Credits: When Anthea Met Michael— Against the Odds (00:44)

Credits: When Anthea Met Michael— Against the Odds

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In this video, Anthea, diagnosed with cerebral palsy met her soulmate in Michael. Married for two years, they participate in the Oceana Championships in Bocce in this episode of Against All Odds.

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