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Parkinson's Diagnosis (02:09)


Andy McDowell was a successful marketer, in love and expecting his first child when he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease; he was 43. His wife Kate states that Andy would apologize often.

Parkinson's Symptoms (03:17)

Kate first noticed slurred speech and forgetfulness. Andy vacillates between emotions. He works part-time and takes care of the kids, while Kate works full-time.

Marketing Firm (02:52)

Andy partnered with Trevor Moodie three years ago. He feels guilty that the firm is not expanding as quickly as he hoped.

Lifestyle Changes (03:43)

Andy and Kate sold their home and live more simply. Andy works with a trainer every week to improve his motor function. He created the video "Smaller" to explain Parkinson's to his children.

"Smaller" (02:54)

Andy's video won at the World Parkinson Congress in 2013. He feels empowered after attending an outward bound course with other Parkinson's patients.

Contemplating Surgery (04:13)

Andy's drugs are wearing off and he experiences increased dyskinesia. Andrew Johnson had deep brain stimulation (DBS) which subdued the symptoms. Andy hopes to have the same procedure.

Deep Brain Stimulation (02:33)

Andy meets with neurologist Barry Snow. DBS does not affect Parkinson's but can improve motor functions. While there are risks to the surgery, it will not worsen symptoms.

Drug Therapy (03:01)

At Auckland Hospital, doctors perform tests to see if Andy is a viable candidate for DBS. Afterward, he visits with his mother and sister.

DBS Affects (03:41)

Andy started walking to build up muscle tone. Andrew Johnson created a video demonstrating his physical reactions to turning off the DBS unit. Andy is put on the waiting list for the surgery.

Credits: Living with Parkinson's— Against the Odds (00:40)

Credits: Living with Parkinson's— Against the Odds

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In this video, meet husband and father Andy McDowell who was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson's disease at the age of 43. Accompany him as he explores Deep Brain Stimulation as a potential treatment and copes with his illness that affects every aspect of his life.

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