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Meet the Daverts (02:14)


Michaela, her brother, and her mother all suffer from osteogenesis imperfecta. Ken, Michaela's father, suffers from Cerebral Palsy. Missy Davert was raised to perform the same tasks as other members of her family.

Getting to Know Ken (02:36)

Michaela interviews her father. When he married her mother Missy, he thought they could not conceive— he considers himself blessed. Austin loves video games.

Tour of the House (02:52)

Missy and Ken have separate kitchens because of their size difference. Austin was elected to play drums in the all-star band. Michaela makes YouTube videos.

YouTube Videos (03:26)

Michaela vlogs about fashion and makeup and interviews her family. Missy does not wear makeup so she was surprised that Michaela took an interest.

Going to Target (03:01)

Missy drives Michaela and her best friend Devon to the Mall. Michaela has difficulty buying clothes because she is the equivalent of a child's size 6.

Quiz Show (02:37)

Missy was told to abort the twins because the health risks were so great, but she and Ken refused. At 17 weeks, she was told both twins would be disabled. She believes any disability can be overcome with a good attitude and perseverance.

Life is Not Perfect (02:36)

Michaela needs to perform movements slowly to avoid fractures. Missy explains that the condition improves as she ages. She has not broken a bone in thirty years.

Surgery is Not Fun (02:50)

Michaela explains that when she gets depressed, she just gets through it, knowing there are better things ahead. Austin needs another surgery to repair metal rods in his limbs. Michaela uses a sling to get into bed.

Using a Breathing Machine (02:37)

Michaela prefers to think about her accomplishments than dwell on failures. Missy thought she would be tougher on the twins. Missy puts Austin in bed.

Going to Church (03:08)

The family goes out to eat after church. Michaela hopes to move to California and attend the Institute of Fashion and Merchandising.

Credits: The Daverts— Against the Odds (00:43)

Credits: The Daverts— Against the Odds

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Three members of the Davert family are diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta or brittle bone disease. Find out how they maintain positive attitudes and exceed expectations in this episode of Against the Odds.

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