Segments in this Video

Self-Expression Through Music (02:51)


Cam plays piano, keyboard, and some guitar. His mother Kerry-Ann Gardner always knew he was musically inclined. Cam records sounds with his sister.

Negative View of the World (02:22)

Cam believes that he can communicate things he cannot say in his music. "Undying Fire" is about bullying. He plays for the chorus at school.

Very Intelligent Boy (03:03)

Gardner explains that Cam struggles to connect with friends and teachers. Gardner decides to send Cam to a school in Auckland. The school will provide him with coping skills and increased opportunities.

Unfamiliar Territory (01:46)

Gardner describes how tight knit the family is. Mackenzie and Gardner help Cam pack.

Cam Travels to the Airport (02:46)

Gardner, Cam, and Mackenzie board a plane for Auckland. Cam visits his room. The family says goodbye.

School is Different (02:06)

Cam loves his new school. He realizes increased opportunities and friendships are possible. Cam becomes the pianist for a music class.

Dormitory Tour (03:02)

Cam shows viewers his dorm facility. He has become good friends with Freedom.

Songwriting Class (03:54)

Cam realized other students are also serious about music and felt like he belonged. Watch as he and his instructor collaborate on a music piece. Cam starts singing.

Playing Sports (02:32)

Because of limited staff, Cam was forced to attend volleyball with Freedom. He now enjoys participating. He wants to travel to outer space.

Ideal World (03:21)

Cam feels that life is less meaningful because he is living away from his family. He wants to go home, but his mother insists he stay. Watch Cam perform.

Credits: Cam Finds His Voice—Against the Odds (00:40)

Credits: Cam Finds His Voice—Against the Odds

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In this video, Cam Dawson leaves his home to pursue better opportunities and learn coping skills. Watch as he navigates boarding school and pursues his musical career in this episode of Against the Odds.

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