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The Mutes From Mars (02:50)


Nate and Gabe live together and play in a band. Nate works at West Auckland Car Shop, and Gabe works at McDonalds. They are both excited to be playing at Hot Rod Heaven.

The Mutes Rehearse (02:44)

Nate plays the guitar and Gabe performs on the drum. They believe they are living the dream. Gabe is engaged to Cishla.

Road Trip (03:08)

The Mutes from Mars travel to Whangamata. Stewart, the general manager of A Supported Life Trust, acts as the tour manager. The trust provides creative outlets for people with learning disabilities.

Band Manager (01:59)

Sam and Stewart collaborated in creating a band for people with learning disabilities. All of the band members live in supported housing.

Hot Rod Heaven (02:23)

Nate looks at all the cars and rides in a 1959 Cadillac. The Mutes from Mars watch other bands perform.

Nate Searches for Treasure (03:09)

Gabe brings a book to sign autographs. He does not think he will get many requests because they are not as well known in Whangamata. Band members introduce themselves.

Nathan Admires Passing Cars (02:42)

Gabe is grateful for finding such good friends. Nathan used to get nervous before a performance, but now he just becomes excited. The band prepares for the gig.

The Band Performs (03:04)

Nathan hopes that the Mutes from Mars reach the New Zealand top forty charts. Band Members contemplate their lives without the band.

The Band Plays Another Song (03:21)

Band members talk about their experiences, why they love to perform and their goals for the group.

The Band Closes its Set (02:31)

Nathan hopes there will be another concert soon. The band members thank the audience. They are elated with their performance.

Credits: The Mutes on Tour—Against the Odds (00:37)

Credits: The Mutes on Tour—Against the Odds

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In this video, the Mutes from Mars perform at Hot Rod Heaven. Band members discuss what the band means to them, their hopes for it, and how it helps their learning disabilities in this episode of Against the Odds.

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