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Meet Josh Flannagan (03:10)


Josh Flannagan cares for 21 horses on Trinity Valley Farm. Diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, he prefers animals to human beings because they do not judge him. Peter Townsend describes how he met Josh.

Training Gypsy (03:05)

Townsend explains that Josh's relationship with the horses is better than his own. Josh equates breaking in horses to his own struggles as a teenager. Having Asperger's helps him relate to Gypsy.

Fight or Flight (02:13)

Josh relates to the horse because of his childhood. He makes a conscious decision to confront his fears and not let his disability stop him.

Visiting Family (02:09)

Josh's mother picks him up and brings him to her house for the weekend. All three of Gennene Flannagan's children are on the autistic spectrum. Josh's diagnosis was the most severe.

Bullied at School (03:02)

Josh hated his teachers in primary school and would act out. He felt that they did not care about him succeeding. Gennene feels the government needs to change funding regulations for students with Asperger's.

Living with Asperger's (02:31)

Gennene's childhood was similar to Josh's. She believes there is a hereditary component to autism. Josh's sister explains why their relationship was strained as kids.

Josh Loves to Ride (04:14)

Josh concentrates on body language when breaking in a horse. If he does not have control of the back feet, front feet, and head he will not ride a horse. Watch as he breaks in a new foal.

Instinctive Response (02:31)

Townsend believes Josh is talented in breaking in horses. After six months, Josh began greeting clients. Townsend acknowledges how difficult that was for Josh.

Overcoming Struggles (02:00)

Josh gained confidence by exceeding expectations at the farm. Eventually Josh would like to compete in jumping horses. He buys his own horse.

Training Luna (02:48)

Because Luna was beaten in the past, Josh makes sure she is never frightened. He explains that he does not horse whisper— he listens to the horse.

Credits: Josh Flannagan: The Horse Whisperer—Against the Odds (00:42)

Credits: Josh Flannagan: The Horse Whisperer—Against the Odds

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Josh Flannagan believes Asperger's syndrome helps him understand horses. Watch as he confronts his fears daily to defy expectations in this episode of Against the Odds.

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