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Thais Corral Introduction (02:13)


Hazel Henderson welcomes the 2013 United Nations Woman of the Year, who is working to implement U.N. Sustainable Development Goals in Brazil. Corral runs Sinal do Vale, a learning community.

Updated IMF View of Brazil (02:41)

Corral says that Brazil's government highlighted the nation's rich natural resources. Although overshadowed by corruption in the media, civil society played an important role in working towards sustainable development goals.

"Leapfrogging" Development Concept (03:41)

Henderson found Brazilians more ecologically conscious than Americans. Corral discusses how cellular technology revolutionized communications and relationships that are integral to Brazilian culture. Despite poverty and inequality, Brazilians remain warm and welcoming.

Country of the Future (02:14)

Henderson recalls culture shock during her first trip to Brazil, including samba sessions after business school classes. Openness, flexibility, and creativity are cultural advantages for embracing sustainable change.

Brazilian Economic Innovations (04:48)

Henderson says Brazil has embraced a "beyond GDP" approach and is a super power in terms of alternative forms of capital. Instituto Ethos promotes socially responsible investment. Corral discusses how young people are interested in social and environmental benefits of development.

Exports and Knowledge Transfer (04:18)

Henderson recalls attending a small business conference in Vitoria. She advised leaders against following the WTO model that prioritizes profit at environmental costs. Corral says Brazil can teach the world about social systems and organizational relationships for positive change.

Collective Leadership (02:32)

Henderson calls for reintegrating academic subjects. Corral's book "Leadership is Global" addresses ways to co-create a sustainable future, using a systems based approach.

Exporting Systems Based Thought (04:54)

Henderson discusses how tunnel vision in the traditional economic model has led to industrial issues such as nuclear power disasters or the poisoned water supply in Flint, Michigan. Brazil offers a unique integrative approach for the 21st century.

Credits: Trends Toward Sustainability in Brazil: Ethical Markets 7 (00:55)

Credits: Trends Toward Sustainability in Brazil: Ethical Markets 7

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In this program, Ethical Markets Media founder Hazel Henderson discusses with award-winning civic leader Thais Corral, co-author of Leadership Is Global, the transitions occurring in her country Brazil. Brazil has all the resources and capital assets it needs to make the transition to sustainability. However, the obsolete fossil-fueled industrial model is still imposed by foreign investors and traditional financial models. Thais Corral points to Brazil’s rich civic society traditions, participatory politics, its optimistic people, and their open flexibility in embracing change as valuable resources in transition management. This civic genius is the “software” that may prove to be Brazil’s unique export to the world and its struggle for domestic reforms offer lessons for other countries. 

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