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Meet Thais Corral (01:59)


Corral is a Brazilian leader, author of "Leadership is Global,"and founder of the learning community Sinal do Vale. Corral's father, a Spanish anarchist, founded the first vegetarian restaurant in Rio de Janeiro. Her parents loved nature and were entrepreneurs.

Becoming an Activist (03:56)

Corral went to business school and moved to Italy after university, becoming a feminist and journalist. Returning to Brazil, she started a radio program for women and helped found the green party and a women's climate justice organization.

Social Entrepreneur (03:10)

After incorporating women's issues into the 1992 Rio conference, Corral helped implement Agenda 21 in Brazil. Later, she embraced leadership and became interested in long-term commitments to places.

Founding Sinal do Vale (03:07)

Women in northern Brazil wanted to improve agricultural technology. Corral's integrative development organization helps revitalize rural economies and empowers small farmers in a drought region.

Gross National Happiness Model (03:51)

In 2007, Hazel Henderson invited Corral to a conference in Brussels called Beyond GDP. She recalls a conversation about cultural happiness. They were concerned that the industrial model was going global with the wrong values.

Living Laboratory (02:53)

In 2005, Corral created a retreat center in Bahia to implement sustainability values. She later founded Sinal do Vale, a community of agents for transformation.

Sinal do Vale Education (04:04)

Corral's volunteer program has become a school for agents of transformation for Brazilian communities. Henderson discusses the return to experiential learning, and talks about her own experience skipping university for a "real world" education.

Educational Model (03:01)

Corral argues that learning to communicate, deconstructing assumptions, and developing empathy are as important as learning information. Henderson discusses how mobile devices disrupt our ability to communicate.

Credits: The Personal Journey of Brazilian Leader Thais Corral: Ethical Markets 7 (00:55)

Credits: The Personal Journey of Brazilian Leader Thais Corral: Ethical Markets 7

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The Personal Journey of Brazilian Leader Thais Corral: Ethical Markets 7

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In this program, Hazel Henderson explores the personal story of award-winning civic leader and Leadership Is Global co-author Thais Corral. Thais and her family came to Brazil from Spain, bringing their entrepreneurial skills and creativity. She studied in Italy and in the U.S. at the University of Chicago and Harvard. She created 400 radio programs broadcasted to empower women across Brazil and became a co-founder of the global Women’s Environment Development Organization (WEDO) with U.S. Congresswoman Bella Abzug. Thais founded the learning and leadership programs at Sinal do Vale, where participants learn the tools of transition management first hand.

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