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Introduction: In An Instant: Buried Alive (01:19)


See excerpts from this film about Arick Baker becoming buried in a grain bin of corn.

Typical Work Day (03:35)

Arick Baker describes getting ready and driving to work on June 26, 2013. He, his dad, and Kay start filling trucks with corn from the grain bin. Kay leaves to deliver the first corn-filled truck.

Wet Corn Blocks Flow (02:39)

Rick Baker tells his son to get his mask and go inside the bin to break up the corn. Arick talks about the dangers of working with grain bins.

Swallowed by Corn (06:27)

Arick recalls the day he climbed into a grain bin and broke loose a shelf of wet corn causing him to sink in above his head. Not realizing his son's situation, Rick drives away with a truckload of corn.

Meet the Bakers (03:06)

Arick comes from the small Iowa town of Eldora. His father, Rick, farms and his mother, Annette, teaches. Arick decides college is not for him and he would come home and work the family farm with his father.

Searching for Arick (03:54)

Rick Baker recalls driving away the day Arick was still inside the grain bin. He warns Kay Palmer not to start the auger until Arick is found. Kay pulls on Arick's safety rope and it comes free.

Call to 911 (03:07)

Rick recalls borrowing a phone to call his partner and then emergency services. He describes the call between himself and a sheriff's deputy, who kept insisting on knowing where Rick was.

Palmer Pulls Rope Loose (04:10)

Arick Baker describes his initial feeling of panic from being buried in corn. He forces himself to stay still and breathe. Fear of someone starting the auger haunts him. He recalls the rope being pulled from his hand.

Parents Race to Scene (04:27)

Upon arriving at the scene, Fire Chief Rick Gustin orders a recovery team. Annette describes learning about Arick and her frantic drive to reach the scene. Rick Baker recalls the drive back to the grain bin and praying his son will be found alive.

Recovery Plan (02:10)

Fire Chief Rick Gustin discusses arriving at the scene and planning the recovery as death was inevitable. Gehrke lists the types of deaths one might suffer in this scenario.

Attempts at Death (02:34)

Arick describes the position his body is locked in. His proximity to the gear box put him seconds away from death had the auger been running. Believing he will not be rescued, Arick holds his breath in an effort to end his own life.

Preparing for the Worst (03:14)

In this reenactment, Annette is held back by rescuers as she demands to know where Arick is. She recalls a neighbor comforting her, the relief of finally blowing her nose, and shutting everything out by listening to her iPod.

Rick's Deep Sense of Guilt (02:23)

Rick Baker recalls trying to push past the emergency responders. His neighbor takes him to the truck where Annette is waiting. She describes his state of devastation and her demanding that he focus on the task at hand.

Calling Arick's Sister (03:02)

Firefighter Tyler Prochaska recalls getting the radio page and the assumption that Arick is dead. Annette recalls her uncontrollable shaking and sobbing during the call to her daughter.

Arick's Emotional Battle (02:50)

Arick recalls feeling his phone vibrate the whole time he was trapped. He remembers the tough words of a school coach and avoids thinking about his mom. Physical pain becomes his indication that he has not died.

Found Alive (04:03)

Prochaska recalls walking around in the grain bin looking for any sign of Arick. Arick wakes and realizes his previously exposed hand is now buried. After hearing a voice say he must be dead, Arick starts yelling.

Draining Grain Bin (03:25)

Prochaska and others use helmets to dig corn, which keeps filling back in. Arick struggles to breathe from the pressure of the corn on his chest. Gustin orders holes cut holes in the bin. Arick describes the rescuers getting his hand and arm free.

Installing Grain Rescue Tube (02:56)

Gustin calls for a bulldozer to push grain away from the bin exterior. He describes what a rescue tube does. Firefighters work to get the tube around Arick's buried body.

Life-Saving Helmet (05:16)

Prochaska recalls seeing Arick's unusual helmet, which he had purchased at a farm exhibition. Beeping indicates that the mask's battery is dying. Unwilling to give up his failing mask, Arick agrees to an oxygen tube and eventually water.

Motivation to Live (02:19)

Arick discusses how his concern for his father and the need to tell him that this was not his fault kept him going. Rick Baker describes the determination of the rescue workers.

Pressure Collapses Rescue Tube (04:02)

After a half hour of digging, the grain rescue tube begins to cave in and Prochaska uses his body as a wedge. As he and Arick wait for more corn to be cleared, Prochaska assures Arick that he will be alright.

Arick Pulled Free (03:51)

Prochaska and Arick wait for enough corn to be cleared for him to be freed. Prochaska recalls Arick, waist deep, trying to pull himself free. He recalls the final emotional moment.

Reuniting With Family (04:19)

Rick and Annette Baker each share their feelings about Arick's survival. From his stretcher, Arick apologizes for the mess of corn. Annette recalls the imprint of corn on his skin.

Appreciation for Life (02:56)

Gehrke says Arick's survival after 4 hours in the corn bin is tantamount to a miracle. His submerged heart rate is estimated to have been between 230 to 250 BPM. Arick says if he had been younger or older he would have died.

Credits: In An Instant: Buried Alive (00:04)

Credits: In An Instant: Buried Alive

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Arick Baker was cleaning out a huge corn bin on his family’s Iowa farm, while his Dad hauled away a truckload of grain. That’s when the unthinkable happened— a chunk of rotten corn gave way, burying Arick beneath several feet of suffocating corn. This program is a case study of farm safety for students of agriculture.

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