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Norway's Oil Generation (02:34)


Oil analyst Thina Saltvedt admits that living standards will soon decrease; national economic challenges include falling prices and increasing emissions. Norway vows to lead the world in going green. Statoil is advocating a global carbon tax.

Stavanger's Oil Fairy Tale (03:16)

Norway invests oil profits into the Sovereign Wealth Fund worth $900 billion— double the GDP. A fishing town boomed after deposits were discovered in 1969. Carl Ringsby's family prospered under the welfare state, but he worries about his children's future.

National Greening Policy (02:11)

Norway has agreed to become carbon neutral by 2030. An existing carbon tax gives the industry incentive to reduce emissions. Electric cars are subsidized; electricity for free charging stations comes from hydropower.

Environmental Hypocrisy (02:08)

While implementing green policy domestically, Norway continues drilling oil and gas for export. The government granted thirteen new exploration licenses in the Barents Sea.

Climate Change in Longyearbyen (02:54)

Norway's northernmost settlement, a former coal mining town, promotes Arctic tourism. Eric Campbell revisits guide Jason Roberts after 17 years; the sea no longer freezers over in winter.

Nordens Cove (03:54)

Campbell heads out to a retreating glacier with guide Tom Foreman. They spot a hungry polar bear and watch chunks of ice collapsing into the water. The speed of change is alarming to climate scientists.

Arctic Exploration Debate (02:45)

Norway will restrict oil companies from drilling in Svalbard, but as glaciers retreat, the government may change its policy. Experts believe mining is unsafe throughout the region. Foreman discusses risks to humans and the ecosystem.

Carbon Capture Efforts (02:33)

Norway is closing coal mines; experts acknowledge that oil reserves are finite. Statoil has invested in technology to remove CO2 from the atmosphere but it only captures a fraction of emissions. The government is also buying carbon credits from the EU.

Norway's Economic Future (02:34)

Global oil prices have halved since 2014 and Stavanger residents are losing jobs. Saltvedt believes the industry will be unprofitable within decades. The government continues drilling while promoting policy to cut carbon emissions.

Credits: Keep Calm and Drill On (00:31)

Credits: Keep Calm and Drill On

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Oil-rich Norway has adopted the radical goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. But as ABC Australia correspondent Eric Campbell reports, there’s a catch to this green revolution.

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