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Santino the Howler Monkey (08:38)


The Jaguar Rescue Center in Costa Rica is located close to the beach. Howler monkeys have one of the loudest calls in the animal kingdom. Dexter Miller has provided specialist care at the center for many years.

Shelley the Cheetah (07:00)

Cheetahs are the most endangered big cat in Africa. The Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center is a conservation project hoping to change this statistic. Christo Schreiber heads a program breeding cheetahs.

Santino Gets Sick (07:07)

The west season has just started in Costa Rica. The howler monkey to catch a cold and must get a checkup with the center's vet. Dexter prepares snacks that will help wild animals learn to forage in the wild.

Green Sea Turtle Arrives (02:33)

The coast guard brings an injured male turtle to the rescue center. Alonso is an expert in caring for sea turtles.

Shelley's Testing (03:37)

Schreiber has dedicated three years to the cheetah. He worked to get her to a skillful point in training. Not every cheetah develops the wild skills necessary for release.

Santino Eats Greens (07:26)

Miller feeds Santino a balanced diet, to build the howler monkey's immune system. Santino forages in the forest outside the center.

Shelley Hunts (04:05)

Wild cheetahs use sharp turns as a survival tactic to get away from predators. To simulate a real chase for Shelley, Schreiber modifies the training tools. Cheetahs like to hunt in the morning.

Meeting Santino's Troop (08:38)

Santino joins the daily excursion to get to know the other monkeys in their natural habitat. The harpooned turtle is released but must release trapped gas before he can swim out to sea.

Credit: Santino and Shelley: Episode 3-Nature's Miracle Orphans (00:32)

Credit: Santino and Shelley: Episode 3-Nature's Miracle Orphans

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Nature's Miracle Orphans, Series 2: Santino and Shelly

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Santino the baby howler monkey had a rough start in life. He was found tied up at just a week old. He was being kept by kids as a pet. Dexter has been looking after him since he arrived at the Jaguar Rescue Centre on the Costa Rican coast, and the two have become inseparable. But it is time for Santino to become more independent and join the center’s unconventional monkey troop and it is down to Dexter to make sure he is ready. Cheetahs are the most endangered big cat in all of Africa. At Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center, Christo is in charge of a conservation program that involves breeding cheetahs for a return to the wild. He has formed a particularly strong bond with Shelley, who was rejected by her mother. Now he has to train her to hunt like a wild cheetah before he can set her free.

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