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Obsessed with My Body: Introduction (02:02)


British men spend 30% more time in the bathroom and more time in the gym than women. This program will highlight men who are self-proclaimed "show offs" and examines what happens when measures are taken to the extreme.

Body Building (03:19)

Duncan, 16-years-old, has been lifting weights since the age of 13. His mother Mandy says Duncan enjoys the way he looks and the attention he receives. Duncan will participate in a body building competition and has his body waxed.

Beauty Regime (03:13)

Junaid, 20-years-old, says every day is a catwalk and photo shoot; he regularly visits the salon. Junaid spends significant amounts of time and money taking and posting selfies. He describes his looks as a shield.

Self-Esteem (03:55)

British men took twice as many selfies as women last year. Ash and James followed the example of Zyzz and posted their physical transformations online; they created a YouTube channel.

Fake Tans (02:58)

Young men share their opinions on fake tanning. Duncan undergoes a tanning session with the recommended color before his body building competition.

Self-Image (03:00)

Young British men posted 600 million selfies last year. Junaid believes everything he does should be glamorous; once a month he visits the hair dresser. Junaid was bullied in school.

Body Building Competition (03:38)

Duncan competes in his first major contest; the teen category is the fastest growing group. Competitors use fake tan before the event and reflect on their competition.

Fitness Stars (02:14)

Ash and James create fitness videos; they hope their YouTube channel will garner fame and fortune. The men are personal trainers at a local gym and will attend a Body Power fitness event.

Body Image and Bullying (04:45)

Junaid was bullied as a teenager and has scars from attacks. Last year, 300,000 men in Britain were admitted to the hospital for eating disorders. Jack, 19-years-old, was bullied in school and he began losing weight; avoiding Twitter helps him manage his eating disorder.

Outside Influences (03:49)

The internet encourages young men to build muscle. Ash and James promote a clothing brand at Body Power and hope to increase the number of subscribers to their YouTube channel.

Body Building Competition: Final Round (04:18)

Young men consider why men want to build muscle. Teens perform in the free posing round. Duncan wins 4th place.

Hiding behind a Persona (05:24)

Junaid prepares for a night out with his friend Abigail and reflects on his brother's death. He sees a broken boy when he looks in the mirror. Junaid moves back to Peterborough and gets a job as a mortgage adviser.

Steroids and Body Image (03:52)

Mandy fears Duncan will use steroids; approximately 1 million Britons regularly use them. James and Ash are self-conscious about their body size. Junaid says selfie likes make him confident for a short period of time.

Credits: Obsessed with My Body (00:28)

Credits: Obsessed with My Body

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Body image is becoming more and more important to young men, with teens in particular seeking constant approval online and encouraging each other to look better, bigger and even browner in their pursuit of the perfect body. Incredibly they now spend 30% more time in the bathroom than teenage girls and take twice as many selfies. Examining the rise in vanity among young men in modern Britain, the documentary investigates the way the internet is playing a key role in this changing behavior, driving a growing boom in teen body building and male grooming. But exactly how far will they go to achieve perfection? And what happens when things are taken to extremes?

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