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Teenager With Muscular Dystrophy (03:35)


This "Nightline" episode features Darius--a teenager who suffers from the genetic disease muscular dystrophy--and the people who know him. His friends plan to take him from Georgia to California to get his wheelchair customized.

Teenager With Muscular Dystrophy (03:06)

Suffering from muscular dystrophy, Darius finds that America's towns are not always wheelchair-friendly. With the help of his friends, e experiences the beach and the Grand Canyon for the first time in his life. MTV refuses to customize his wheelchair.

Teenager With Muscular Dystrophy (04:15)

Suffering from muscular dystrophy, Darius receives a customized wheelchair. He and his friends share their feelings about his impending death. His journey is recorded in the documentary "Darius Goes West."

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Living and Dying with Muscular Dystrophy

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Duchenne muscular dystrophy is the world’s most frequently occurring fatal genetic disease among children—although its victims sometimes live into their teens or early adulthood. This ABC News program features a young man named Darius Weems who decided early on not to become a victim. Paralleling the celebrated documentary Darius Goes West, the program describes a life-affirming cross-country adventure undertaken by the wheelchair-bound hero and his friends. Reporter Martin Bashir explores the painful challenges Darius has overcome and their similarity to struggles Bashir has witnessed before—in the life of his own brother, who succumbed to DMD in 1991. (13 minutes)

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