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"All in Christ for Pro-Life" (02:39)


Tim Jones from the Missouri House of Representatives addresses a group of pro-life activists. While Roe vs. Wade made abortion legal in the United States, Missouri is one of many states that has restricted access to the procedure; many individuals need to travel hundreds of miles to get safe and effective treatment. (Credits)

Boonville, Missouri (02:21)

Amie shares joint custody of her two children with their father. After discovering she was pregnant, she realized she could not physically carry the child and support her family.

"I. Listen to Me or Stand Outside" (08:58)

Security guard Chi Chi tries to protect the identities of the patients from protestors. Pro-life activists picketed Dr. Erin's neighborhood because she is an abortion provider. Kathy began protesting abortion clinics after she received a message from God.

II. "There is Such a Stigma To It" (03:00)

Samantha discusses her reasons for getting an abortion and why she decided to appear in the documentary. Missouri requires a 72-hour waiting period to have the procedure and makes no exceptions for rape or incest.

III. "Knowing That You Have to Wait That Long... It's Heartbreaking. " (08:34)

Sarah decided to get an abortion after the fetus was diagnosed with ABS. Amie drives to Hope Clinic, sees the doctor, and obtains a Mifeprex tablet; Tamara counsels her on what to expect. Debra volunteers as a clinic escort because she had an abortion at 19.

IV. "I Had No One to Tell" (08:41)

Monique remembers a kind male nurse who helped her through her abortion. A couple decided to terminate their pregnancy after the fetus was diagnosed with a rare birth defect; their pastor understood the decision prayed and with them at the clinic.

V. "I'd Like to Thank the Missouri Legislators": Part One (12:22)

Susan, a woman who had three abortion and now is a pro-life advocate, gives the keynote address at a "40 Days for Life" benefit. Chi Chi and Barb explain why they decided to have the procedure. Mercedes discovered her boyfriend was married.

V. "I'd Like to Thank the Missouri Legislators": Part Two (04:53)

Dr. Erin describes how her patients' journals inspire her to continue to run the clinic. Patients explain their decisions to abort. Amie dreads telling her mother about the pregnancy.

VI. "I Never met Anyone Who Had an Abortion" (05:04)

Reagan runs IZZOU, a student pro-life organization. A young woman confronts Reagan about her beliefs when she recognizes her from outside Planned Parenthood.

VII. "I Chose to Keep Her": Part One (07:50)

Alexis, 31 weeks pregnant, wishes she could discuss the situation with her mother. Janet and Mark decided to give their child up for adoption and wonder if abortion would have been easier. The father of Te'aundra's baby refused to sign away his parental rights.

VII. "I Chose to Keep Her": Part Two (05:13)

Chaunci, Rebecca, Sharon, Ellen, and Marjorie discuss their decisions regarding abortion. Kathy describes how she was almost aborted.

VIII. "I Know I Made the Right Decision": Part One (04:58)

Even though Amie does not regret her decision, she still becomes emotional about the abortion. Protesters share their opinions.

VIII. "I Know I Made the Right Decision": Part Two (07:00)

Jennifer is not ready to be a mother yet and wants to go to college to become a physical therapist. Tamara's family does not speak to her because of her occupation; clinic escorts discuss why they volunteer. One in three women has an abortion.

IX. "I See So Many People" (08:24)

A nurse explains how it bothers her that the protesters believe that she is not spiritual. Amie goes to her follow-up appointment and discovers her endometrium line returned to normal. The clinic closes for the night.

Credits: Abortion: Stories Women Tell (02:08)

Credits: Abortion: Stories Women Tell

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Though the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade protected a woman’s right to choose, abortion remains one of the most divisive issues in America today. In the last several years, many states have imposed restrictions on access to abortion, including Missouri, where only one abortion clinic remains open in the entire state, and where patients and their doctors must navigate a 72-hour waiting period. In Abortion: Stories Women Tell, awarding-winning director (and Missouri native) Tracy Droz Tragos sheds new light on this contentious issue, focusing not on the debate, but rather on women themselves. Centering on the Hope Clinic for Women (just across the Missouri state line in Granite City, Illinois), the film profiles women struggling with unplanned pregnancies, providers who show up at the clinic to give medical care, and activists hoping to sway decisions and lives, offering an intimate window into the lives of women involved in the abortion issue, whose experiences are by turns heartbreaking and tender or bleak and frightening. On whichever side of the issue they fall, choices are made based on individual circumstances and beliefs, and the film underscores the strength and capacity of women to overcome and persevere through complicated and unexpected circumstances.

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