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Anger and Comedic Material (05:57)


Lewis Black's mother appears to thrive on anger. Robert Allan states that directly expressed anger makes nearly every situation worse. Black discusses the public's anger at politicians.

Anger Triggers (05:36)

Black shares examples of things that make him angry and cites the story of renovating his apartment.

Anger and Health (08:05)

Allan defines anger and cites health studies. John Hunter was the first documented case of Type-A behavior and sudden death. Type-A behavior was the first psychosocial risk factor for heart disease.

Does Anger Accumulate? (10:17)

Freud believed sex and aggression were the psyche's two driving forces. Allan debunks the aggression theory and discusses anger management. "We have no storage facility in our body for anger."

Anger Management (06:08)

Allan grew-up with an angry father and wanted to be different. He cites a success story involving his response at a gymnastics meet. The country needs to learn how to manage anger.

Emotion and Outrage (08:01)

Allan's book helped Black recognize why he made the choice not to have a family. Black's comedic routine centers on anger but he treats loved ones differently; he never has problems getting his energy level up for a performance. Allan explains hypertension.

Anger and Communication (07:51)

Allan shares an anecdote about an angry couple; people respond to anger more so than words. Black reflects on past relationships, his parents, and his level of anger over the years.

"Hook and Goal" (03:47)

Black shares a story of empathy and changing his approach. Allan cites two words that reflect his anger management system.

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The Science of Rage: Lewis Black

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The prolific stand-up comedian Lewis Black discusses his use of rage, rant, and the simulated nervous breakdown as comedic devices with anger management psychologist Robert Allan. Allan is a noted clinical psychologist at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center and is the author of Getting Control of Your Anger.

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