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Introduction: The Science of Sleep (01:26)


Science is beginning to understand the importance of sleep. Research is debunking the notion that sleep is only needed to restore energy.

Adaptions and Sleep (07:57)

Dr. Neils Rattenborg studies birds and humans to better understand sleep. Birds, whales, seals, and dolphins use unihemispheric sleep. Dr. Sabine Seehagen researchers whether sleep helps babies consolidate and retain memory.

Sleep and Memory (05:46)

George Coe tries to learn a musical piece in a short period of time. Robert Stickgold researches whether sleep helps adults consolidate and retain memory; people learn better with sleep.

Sleep and Decision Making (07:30)

A military psychiatrist conducted a study to see how lack of sleep affects decision making. The part of the brain that handles emotional memories and reasoning is less active with less sleep.

Sleep and Eating Habits (04:44)

Researchers in Colorado conduct an experiment to see if sleep deprivation and eating habits are connected. Sleep deprivation affects the hormones that regulate food intake.

Sleep and Dreaming (08:22)

Dr. Antonio Zadra studies dreams to understand their function. He has collected more than 10,000 dreams from people in his study and found connections between dreams and waking life.

Function of Sleep (06:44)

A team of scientists search for the function of sleep and how it relates to Alzheimer's. They study a sleeping brain and see that it changes during sleep.

Credits: The Science of Sleep (01:10)

Credits: The Science of Sleep

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The Science of Sleep

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Sleep has long been regarded as nothing more than a way to charge our batteries. But what if it can control our weight, allow us to make memories, and help us to fight off diseases like Alzheimer’s? We travel the world to investigate how revolutionary new technology has revealed the sleeping brain as an energetic and purposeful machine.

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