Segments in this Video

Waco: Introduction (01:22)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of the Branch Davidians and their confrontation with law enforcement 25 years ago.

David Koresh (03:52)

Koresh was a self-proclaimed messiah who used the Bible as a weapon; he told Branch Davidians "they" were coming for them. David Bunds and Mary Garofalo discuss Koresh's background; Bonnie Clark describes her son.

Branch Davidians (05:42)

Members of the religious group came from all walks of life; they believed in a doomsday prophecy. Koresh became their leader and dictated every aspect of their lives; former members describe their lifestyle and the discipline.

Mount Carmel (03:59)

Ruby Ridge was the first example of anti-government fervor that resulted in disaster. Koresh isolated the Branch Davidians on a compound; the group had a strong sense of family. Experts describe Koresh's religious manipulation.

Sinful Messiah (05:28)

Koresh claimed several women on the compound as his wives; many were underage. Membership to the House of David was a privilege. Kiri Jewel describes her relationship with Koresh.

"God and Guns" (04:07)

Guns are a common part of life in Texas. Koresh wanted to militarize his followers; he believed the end of the world would herald a battle between the faithful and the government. The ATF began investigating the Branch Davidians after a delivery of hand grenades.

Operation Trojan Horse (03:53)

The ATF investigated the Branch Davidians for illegal firearms manufacturing and child abuse; 77 agents were involved in the initial raid on the compound. Robert Rodriguez was a plant in the Branch Davidians.

Raiding the Branch Davidian Compound (06:13)

The media tipped off the Branch Davidians to the impending ATF raid; Rodriguez told the ATF the group knew they were coming. Agents and former Branch Davidians describe the event; the media filmed agents entering the buildings.

Gunfire at Mount Carmel (06:11)

The media reported the standoff between federal agents and Branch Davidians; Wayne Martin called 911 from inside the compound. Koresh spoke with Lt. Larry Lynch; he was shot. Agents and former Branch Davidians describe the event.

Waco Siege: Day One (05:01)

At least five people were dead after the initial raid on the compound. Koresh received significant publicity; the media disputed reports from federal agents. Branch Davidians believed they were all going to die.

Waco Siege: Negotiations (06:18)

Negotiators wanted Koresh to release the children from the compound and he agreed to send them out two by two; Joann Vaega recalls her release. Experts discuss the mindset of the parents and what they learned from the children who were released.

Waco Siege: Day Two (04:46)

Hundreds of police and federal agents surrounded the compound; Branch Davidians rationed food and water. Negotiators tried to establish trust with Koresh and asked him to video his followers.

Waco Siege: Day Four (03:34)

Koresh recorded a message promising to peacefully surrender and Branch Davidians prepared to leave the compound; he changed his mind. The FBI advanced onto the property with tanks.

Waco Siege: Day Twenty Seven (05:48)

The FBI hostage rescue, negotiation, and tactical teams were disconnected; agents did many things to provoke the Branch Davidians. David Schneider was an important person inside the compound. The compound became somewhat of a tourist attraction and fodder for comedians while tensions continued to rise.

Waco Siege: Day Fifty One (06:36)

Winds were strong as tanks advanced into the compound with tear gas; Branch Davidians put on gas masks. The building caught fire and spread rapidly. Koresh's body was found next to Schneider's with a bullet wound to the forehead; 78 people died the last day of the siege.

Waco is a Touchstone (05:11)

Mike Hanson created a museum about the events at Waco that many say reveals governmental threat to American people; events significantly impacted Timothy McVeigh. Congressional investigations resulted in conflicting "truths" about Waco. Many people helped rebuild the church at Mount Carmel.

After the Waco Siege (03:33)

Branch Davidians continue to worship; see the memorial at Waco. Experts reflect on Koresh and the events at Mount Carmel.

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ABC presents a documentary on the deadly 1993 Waco, Texas siege that ignited national outrage. This video features interviews with FBI and ATF agents, survivors of the fire, and children of David Koresh's followers. The raid on the Branch Davidian compound led to a gunfight killing four ATF agents and six of David Koresh’s followers. After a 51-day standoff, the compound burned to the ground, leaving 74 more people dead. The crisis that ignited national outrage and a media firestorm has been described as the worst debacle in federal law enforcement history. The government’s misleading disclosure of key facts in the case following the event gave rise to conspiracy theories from far-right movements that cite this event as a rallying cry for their distrust of the government. The documentary on Waco is the fifth installment of the No. 1 rated Truth and Lies series.

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