Segments in this Video

Stopped for Speeding (03:39)


See footage from Officer Bryan Richter's dashcam; he stops Breaion King. King states she complied with Richter's requests, but she did not trust him.

King's Background (07:10)

King talks with her family on the phone. She reflects on her mother's love and her death. King taught herself math, became a strong mathematician, and teaches children. (Credits)

Reviewing the Incident (08:02)

See footage from Officer Richter arresting King; a second officer arrives on scene. King reflects on being in tune with her emotions and her body. A third officer arrives on scene and asks Richter for details of the arrest.

King's Arrest (06:13)

King reflects on the color of her skin. See footage of another police officer transporting King to jail; they discuss racism.

Taking a Stand (04:02)

King speaks to a reporter about the support she receives. She discusses images that appear when she googles her name. King mentally fights to move past the incident with Officer Richter; her lawsuit against him is still pending.

Credits: Traffic Stop (01:19)

Credits: Traffic Stop

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Traffic Stop

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From the two-time Peabody Award-winning team of director Kate Davis and producer David Heilbroner (The Newburgh Sting, Stonewall Uprising), this haunting and compelling Academy Award®-nominated, 30-minute, documentary short tells the story of Breaion King, a 26-year-old African-American school teacher from Austin, Texas, who was stopped in 2015 for a routine traffic violation—an encounter that escalated into a dramatic and violent arrest. Caught on police dashcams, the 108 pound Breaion (who had never been arrested before) is seen pulled from her parked car by the white arresting officer, repeatedly slammed to the ground, handcuffed, and placed into the back of the police car with the help of a second officer. En route to jail in a squad car, Breaion engages in a revealing conversation with the escorting officer about race and law enforcement in America. Footage from the disturbing incident is juxtaposed with scenes from Breaion’s everyday life as a schoolteacher and dancer, offering a fuller portrait of the woman who now struggles to make sense of her clash with law enforcement.

Length: 31 minutes

Item#: EDP146219

Copyright date: ©2018

Closed Captioned

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Nominated for 2018 Academy Award®, Documentary (Short Subject)


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