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Career Success Continues (03:33)


Garry Shandling tours construction of his new home in between script writing. David Letterman asks if the comedian is taking over his "Late Night Show." Conan O'Brien describes why the slot was not the right fit for Shandling

"The Larry Sanders Show" (05:40)

The cast included Jeffrey Tambor, Rip Torn, Penny Johnson, Janeane Garofalo, and Jeremy Piven. Shandling wanted to create a talk show to explore humanity's emotions. Watch outtakes from production.

Impact of "The Larry Sanders Show" (03:57)

Friends and colleagues discuss the influence of the sitcom. O'Brien discusses similarities and differences to working on a late night talk show.

Difficulties on Production (05:09)

Shandling struggled with his ego and mocked it on "The Larry Sanders Show." Showrunners and staff changed every season of the TV program. Judd Apatow started working after the second season and directed episodes.

Did Not Enjoy the Show (06:18)

Jeffrey Tambor describes how Shandling changed his approach to acting. Colleagues reminisce about Shandling's losing his scripts constantly and bravery to tackle difficult issues.

End of Relationship (03:01)

Doucett describes similarities between "The Larry Sanders Show" and their private relationship. Shandling did not want children. After they broke up, the comedian terminated Doucett's contract.

Loss of Lover and Manager (04:18)

Doucett sues Shandling for wrongful termination. During discovery, Brad Grey dropped Shandling as a client. Shandling felt betrayed and sued his ex-manager.

Last Season of "The Larry Sanders Show" (07:34)

Shandling could not wait to face Grey in court. Friends describe how upset the comedian became when colleagues and his lawyer turned on him. After Bob Saget made a joke about the lawsuit, Shandling would not speak to him.

Last show of "The Larry Sanders Show" (06:10)

Watch excerpts from the final episode where Jim Carrey serenades Shandling with "And I'm Telling You, I'm Not Going." Critics praise the send-off.

Subsequent Appearance (02:55)

Shandling describes on "Charlie Rose" that the lawsuit and negative publicity has taken a toll on his creative process.

"The Comedy and Magic Store" (05:12)

Shandling prepares in the car for a stand-up routine. Jerry Seinfeld, Kevin Nealon, and Chris Rock perform the same night. The comedians gather together and praise each other's jokes.

Film Career (02:09)

Shandling appeared in "Town and Country," "Trust the Man," and "X-Files." Duchovny describes directing the comedian.

"What Planet Are You From?" (04:59)

Shandling loved the idea of acting in feature films. Mike Nichols did not want to take the time for Shandling to discover his character. Friends and colleagues describe the poor chemistry between the actor and director.

Letting Go of the Negative (03:51)

Shandling's ulcers would become uncomfortable when he complained too long about something. The lawsuit settled for ten million dollars. Shandling began to box regularly.

Enjoying the world (04:54)

Shandling hosts the Emmy Awards to rave reviews and begins to travel regularly. Watch home videos of his adventures. Friends discuss how terrifying it is to withdraw from Hollywood.

Do Not Worry About Success (03:18)

Shandling returns to the studio to portray the turtle in "Over the Hedge," frequently making re-writes in the recording studio. Karey Kirkpatrick discusses the comedian's contributions.

Working on His Projects (05:00)

Friends recall being asked why Shandling was not working regularly on a show. The comedian focused on producing DVD set extras for the box series.

Boxing Ring: DVD Extras (06:31)

Berg recalls entering the gym he co-owned and discovering Alec Baldwin and Shandling beating each other up. Shandling grew angry when Ricky Gervais filmed himself walking around his house alone.

Confronting the Ex: DVD Extras (02:07)

Doucett and Shandling reunite on camera for the box set. Shandling embraces Buddhism.

Spirituality and Family (03:50)

Silverman describes why the comedian searched for Zen. David Josephs describes how Muriel Shandling suffered from mental Illness that went untreated.

Friendship rekindled (05:11)

Saget describes how Shandling and he would bond over cocktails. Shandling appears on the talk show circuit to promote "Over the Hedge."

Wiretapping (05:16)

Anthony Pellicano spied on Shandling, Sylvester Stallone, and Keith Carradine. Apatow describes how during the Grey lawsuit, Shandling felt he was being watched. Shandling agreed to testify.

Last Appearance on "The Tonight Show" (05:37)

O'Brien describes Shandling's last appearance on "The Tonight Show." Friends describe his mental and physical state after the Pellicano trial. The cast of "The Larry Sanders Show" reunites for a photo shoot.

Requiring Surgery (05:27)

Alex Richanbach began to shoot footage for a documentary on Shandling's life. Friends describe how it took a year for the comedian to recover from the procedure.

Starting to Perform Again (06:12)

Apatow and Shandling performed together at "Largo." Watch excerpts of his later comedy sets.

Impact of Shandling (04:23)

Friends discuss Shandling's influence on their careers. Berg discusses the comedian's influence on "Lone Survivor."

O'Brien Is Fired (02:06)

O'Brien relates how Shandling counseled him after his dismissal from "The Tonight Show."

"Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" (08:29)

Seinfeld and Shandling revisit "The Comedy Store." Watch excerpts from the online program and "You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes."

Shandling Passes Away (05:45)

Solomon describes how Shandling sought to heal the wound from his brother's death. Apatow shares a letter Shandling wrote to Barry.

Shandling's Memorial Service (03:02)

Watch Apatow and Nealon deliver eulogies. (Credits)

Credits: The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling-Part 2 (01:57)

Watch other eulogies from Shandling's memorial as credits roll.

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The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling—Part 2

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Working on his landmark HBO series The Larry Sanders Show, Garry’s diaries reveal an ongoing struggle with complacency and a search for authenticity; his colleagues recall the pressure to produce material up to his high standards. At the height of the Larry Sanders wave, Garry and Linda Doucett (who appeared on the show) broke up. Garry ended up firing Doucett, leading to a lawsuit which in turn raised financial questions that drove Shandling to sue his manager, Brad Grey, for $100 million—a case that took years to resolve and cost him many friendships. After The Larry Sanders Show ended, Shandling’s neuroses and insecurities became more evident. He threw himself into acting, but his film What Planet Are You From? got scathing reviews. Garry dropped out of the spotlight for a while, but enjoyed a comeback with his successful gig hosting the Emmys® for the first time in 2000. Throughout Garry’s ups and downs (he had an undiagnosed thyroid problem that led to a risky pancreatitis surgery), his Sunday-morning basketball games on his home court brought friends together and kept him emotionally connected, while his mentorship of younger comics gave his life fresh meaning. Garry had started getting back into stand-up, and was working on material for a solo stand-up special, when he died suddenly from a heart attack at 66. Sarah Silverman, one of many of comedians who considered Garry a mentor, reflects that even though Garry never had kids, in a way, they were what he left behind.

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