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Hurling (04:11)


Ballyhaunis is a small community of Ireland that is extremely ethnically diverse due to Pakistani, Eastern European, and African refugees. Danan Conlon teaches children of immigrants how to play traditional Gaelic games. Masjid-Al Kausar Mosque was built in the 1970s, the first in Ireland.

Getting to Know Each Other (05:01)

Ballyhaunis former convent now houses over 300 refugees. Many of the children no longer speak English. Hannan Iqbal describes how curling helped him appreciate living in Ireland. Edel Canny explains how the sports help refugees assimilate into the community.

Direct Provision (02:51)

Asylum Seekers receive basic food and housing but are unable to work. 80% of applicants are rejected. Francisca Yobouet spent six years waiting to be approved.

Community Day (03:12)

The club prepares for a celebration where they invite the community to attend. Conlen explains that it does not matter where the children came from they are all playing for Ballyhaunis.

Credits: Pitching Up (00:10)

Credits: Pitching Up

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In this video, Ireland's ancient sports help integrate immigrant children, the majority of whom who speak neither English or Gaelic, into the Ballyhaunis community. Migrants from Pakistan, Eastern European, and African Communities, come to the town to apply for asylum. Darran Conlen, a local policeman welcomes their children and teaches them the traditional Gaelic games.   

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