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Water Quality (03:28)


Only a small amount of the water on the planet is fit and available for human consumption. Most countries in the world are predicted to experience a water shortage by 2025. The water cycle shows the continuous movement of water on Earth.

A History Lesson (05:15)

When Chicago was first established, a large amount of waste was dumped into the river and polluted the drinking water in Lake Michigan. Water supplies in numerous cities became polluted until the effects were realized. The Clean Water Act was signed in 1972.

What is a Watershed? (14:37)

A watershed is a geographical area that catches water from rain, melting snow, or water runoff and collects it in a certain area. Many large watersheds are built up of numerous smaller watersheds. The water quality in one watershed can affect the quality in others as pollutants travel downstream.

Credits: Elements of Sustainability: Part 4 - Water Quality (00:08)

Credits: Elements of Sustainability: Part 4 - Water Quality

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Elements of Sustainability: Part 4 - Water Quality

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Watershed management involves more than just water storage and purification. It is also about land management, delivery systems, and the impact of global climate control. This chapter lesson will include the basics of water quality monitoring, water pollution control, alternate watershed plans and the impact of the Clean Water Act.

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