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Population Growth (05:11)


The United States uses more resources than any other country in the world. The high population and need for resources has harmed the planet. Carrying capacity is how many living things an ecosystem can support without being harmed.

Resource Planning (04:46)

Controlling birth rates can be a complex moral issue, causing many people to find managing resources easier. Integrated resource management is studying all the resources of a community and determining a way to use them with the smallest amount of waste. Collecting rainwater can cut down on a city's water costs.

Water Saving System (08:19)

Tree People, a Los Angeles environmental group, created a plan for the city to collect rainwater. Cisterns were installed under trees the group planted in the city and homes were retrofitted with wells and irrigation systems. It cut down on water cost and created jobs for city residents.

Urban Watershed Management (05:03)

Los Angeles created an urban watershed management program to reduce flooding in the Sun Valley area without building a large underground storm drain. The water is being collected into cisterns so it can be filter and returned to the aquifer.

Credits: Implementing Urban Greening: Part 4 - Integrated Resource Management (00:13)

Credits: Implementing Urban Greening: Part 4 - Integrated Resource Management

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Implementing Urban Greening: Part 4 - Integrated Resource Management

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This chapter shows how an integrated and cooperative approach to resource management provides the answer to safeguarding our fragile and finite natural resources. As the world faces the impact of global climate change, the issues of energy use and conservation, resource management, and waste disposal take on new and monumental importance.

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