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Introduction— City in the Sky: Part 1- Departure (02:51)


This episode explores logistical challenges before a plane can leave the ground. A million people fly at any time. Thousands of people work behind the scenes to ensure that an airport runs smoothly.

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport (07:31)

Over 100 million people visit the airport annually. Jim Harding describes the hidden design trips that control traveler movements; signs slow down individuals.

Dubai Airport (08:18)

Follow suitcases from check-in to the plane; luggage travels up to 50 miles on a hidden railway. Luggage handlers process 50,000 bags in three hours. The trays are equipped with RFID chips.

Airbus A380 (08:18)

Parts of a new Airbus A380 travel through Gimont, France once a fortnight. Cities in France, Germany, Britain, and Spain manufacture portions of the aircraft. Engineers rivet the jet together in Toulouse.

Jet Fuel (08:38)

Europe's biggest fuel pipeline delivers Jet-A1 to airports across the continent. Yeasts and molds that accompany water particles can create clogs.

In-Flight Catering (05:29)

A Jumbo Jet requires four truckloads worth of food. Duncan Davis oversees meal preparation, catering to various global cuisines. Dubai has the biggest dishwasher facility in the world.

Yakutsk, Siberia (06:22)

The coldest city on Earth requires technicians to blanket tires and heat engines so the oil will not thicken.

Initial Take Off (04:29)

Learn the physics behind an Airbus A380 leaving the ground. Rotation forces the plane's nose up. (Credits)

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City In The Sky: Part 1 - Departure

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