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City In the Sky: Part 2 - Airborne (02:52)


This episode explores how air traffic controllers, doctors, cargo handlers, and experts help keep an airplane safe between takeoff and landing. Over one million people travel on a plane at any moment.

Jet Men (03:13)

In Dubai, technicians study the physics behind flight using miniature planes. Lift counteracts gravity when these men arch their backs.

Navigational System (03:27)

Captain Joachim Schwarzenberg monitors the progress of an Airbus A380 to Delhi using waypoints; 100,000 flights occur daily.

Air Traffic Controllers (03:53)

At Atlanta's En-route Flight Center, controllers regulate the busiest airspace in the world. Learn what is involved in coordinating planes and avoiding collisions during the Thanksgiving buildup. Planes distance themselves by 1,000 feet vertically and five miles laterally.

Medical Doctors (07:27)

At the MedLink Global Response Center, doctors remotely diagnose patients who fall ill during flight and determine whether the plane needs to divert. Dr. Moneesh Bhow responds to a cabin crew member who believes a passenger succumbed to a stroke. Dr. David Streitwieser oversees the facility.

Cargo Movers (05:17)

Dr. Gordon Sidlow inspects each horse to determine its health status prior to them boarding for a flight. Stallions must be loaded in the front of the plane in aviation horse boxes. Hong Kong imports and exports more goods than any other city.

Super Terminal One (04:10)

The largest air freight terminal processes up to 3.5 million tons of goods annually. Nonperishable items are fed into a robotic crate system and stored. Dr. Sidlow watches for dehydration and travel sickness with the horses.

Carbon Composite (05:16)

Planes with this blend of carbon fiber and plastic possess improved fuel efficiency and are stronger than their aluminum counterparts.

Aesthetic Design Uses (03:30)

Blake Emery describes how the composite materials are used to reduce jet lag and make passengers feel less constricted.

Simulated Lightning Strike (07:57)

Lightning strikes a plane every year on average. Professor Volker Hinrichsen studies how metal disperses an electronic strike; a copper mesh layer beneath the carbon composite provides protection.

Safety Check (04:54)

Engineers strip down each Airbus A380 as a safety precaution after 13 million air miles. Anil Vaz demonstrates how the crew determines if cracks exist. An invisible army keeps the plane safe. (Credits)

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City In The Sky: Part 2 - Airborne

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We take it for granted, but on any journey a hidden army of people keep your plane safe.

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