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Introduction— City in the Sky: Part 3 - Arrival (04:06)


This program explores how air traffic controllers, pilots, fire crews, and other experts work to ensure that aircrafts land safely. Over one million people travel on a plane at any moment. Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta handles two landings every minute.

Stansted, UK (02:29)

Pilots train in a flight simulator to improve landing technique. Nick Coates adds weather issues to increase complexity.

Derby, UK (05:54)

The Rolls-Royce Center tracks and monitors airplane engines during flight. Tiny sensors report data back to the center. A baggage cart hits an engine, damaging it.

Runway Safety Inspection (04:06)

Twice a day, the ground operations team inspects each runway for debris.

Bangor Airport (04:05)

As a designated emergency airport, 2000 planes have landed in the last decade. An airport fire crew receives emergency response training.

Training for Emergency Landing (04:23)

Chesley Sullenberger made an emergency landing in the Hudson River after the plane struck a flock of geese. Two pilots practice at Ryanair. Aviation is 50 times safer than drying.

Air Traffic Controllers (04:24)

During Thanksgiving week, more than one play per minute lands at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. Radar and radio frequency technology help guide pilots to a smooth touchdown.

Paro, Bhutan (04:54)

Deep in the Himalayan Mountains, Captain Kinga Tshering describes difficulties with landing a plane in the remote region without radar. Pilots train for the reduced runway size and approach.

Airplane Touchdown (03:05)

Taxiway Victor prevents delays. Planes can travel from runway to gate without stopping for the departure runway.

Buhl, Germany (04:18)

Approximately seven bags per 1,000 passengers go missing daily. Airports hold a luggage auction for individuals to bid on items that are not claimed.

Aircraft Holding (05:21)

Technicians keep planes ready for use at a moment's notice. Other planes are disassembled and equipment resold for other purposes. The fuselage is crushed in 45 minutes.

Future Technologies (05:21)

The Airlander 10 is a hyper-efficient aircraft, which can stay airborne for three weeks and takeoff from any surface. Other future prototypes include the e-Fan and Solar Impulse.

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