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Understanding the Difficulties of Communicating With Persons With Dementia (03:40)


Maintain an individual's quality of life through communication. Body language becomes more important when losing verbal skills. People afflicted with dementia have problems expressing themselves to others and understanding what is being said to them.

Preparation That Will Aid Communication (01:29)

Ensure you are calm, prepare the topic of conversation, gain the patient's full attention, minimize competing noises, and make eye contact. Keep those afflicted with dementia relaxed because it helps them communicate better.

Tone, Pace, and Being Respectful (02:04)

Speak clearly, calmly, and at a slower pace. Always show respect and do not talk to patients as if they are a young child. Laughter helps a patient relax; social interaction improves quality of life.

Keeping It Positive and Uncomplicated (02:26)

Make experiences positive, ask questions one at a time and try to phrase them in a way only a yes or no is required. Patients with dementia may become confused about what is and is not true.

Non-Verbal Communication (03:35)

Learn how to interpret body language. Sudden movements may distress a person afflicted with dementia. Holding a patients hand, placing a reassuring arm around their shoulders, and a gentle hug reassures a patient.

Communicating With Someone With Dementia and Hearing Loss (01:52)

People with profound deafness most likely have learned sign language or lip reading as their first language. Ensure batteries are functioning properly, speak slower, do not cover your mouth, and use visual clues.

Conclusion (01:49)

Observe verbal and non-verbal communication. Treat patients with dementia with kindness and empathy, keeping them relaxed and engaged.

Credits: Communicating with Persons with Dementia (00:11)

Credits: Communicating with Persons with Dementia

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For people with dementia, communication can be challenging, but it is important to realize how critical the communication aspect is in maintaining the resident’s quality of life. This program identifies factors that can affect communication in a patient with dementia and teaches how to adjust one's communication approach. It examines how body language affects communication, describes the importance of social groups for patients with dementia, and demonstrates specific interventions for communication problems.

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