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Difficult People (03:43)


Family concerns must be addressed through all stages of dementia. Difficult people make things miserable, reduce morale, generate anger, and deplete a caregiver's energy. Different types include angry, suspicious, pessimistic, over-controlling, and cynical individuals.

Emotional Preparation (03:01)

Family members feel loss, confusion, and joy after moving a loved one into a healthcare facility. Grief is a natural result of loss and takes time. Symptoms of grief include sadness, guilt, anger, fear, and anxiety.

Helping Families Through the Adjustment Period (01:45)

Expect a loved one to be agitated for at least two weeks; plan a brief visit, but do not spend too long at the facility. Caregivers need to assure family members that the resident is adjusting. Advise loved ones to bring clothes that are familiar, comfortable, and machine washable.

End of Life Issues for Families (02:04)

Family members can chose hospice or palliative care. Encourage them to read aloud from favorite books, share memories, and play music for the resident. Invite family members to let their loved one know it is ok for them to die.

Comfort Needs Near the End of Life (04:57)

Physical comfort, mental and emotional needs, spiritual issues, and practical tasks all need to be addressed toward end of life. Contact a social worker or chaplain to help; physical touch can soothe a resident. Encourage those grieving to join a support group tailored to dementia.

Credits: Family Issues with Dementia (00:10)

Credits: Family Issues with Dementia

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In order to build a meaningful and successful relationship with a resident, the caregiver must develop a meaningful and successful relationship with the resident’s family. This program describes similarities and differences among families, identifies types of difficult people, and compares and contrasts the emotional preparations for before, during, and after the move to a healthcare facility. It identifies issues of loss and grief, looks at the symptoms of grief, explains the steps to help families adjust to a new home environment, and lists the ways to include family members during the end-of-life period. It also identifies the four areas of care for people who are dying.

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