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Hormone Active Substances (05:26)


Cosmetic manufacturers sell products to consumers without stating the risks associated with them. Products containing hormones are especially dangerous for children and fetuses.

Preventing Bacterial Growth (03:59)

Chemical consultant Gregor Otzelt states that every cosmetic product containing a certain amount of water must have enough preservatives to stay the growth of bacteria. Cosmetics professional Claudia Vanicek shares vitamin E based products are harmless and safe to use.

Hormone Active Substances in Perfumes (03:49)

PBC softeners found in plastics are reported to have numerous adverse effects and were recently discovered in perfumes.

Safety of Products (02:55)

The AGES Agency tests food and body care products after they go onto the market. All environmental hormones have adverse effects on our bodies, such as infertility, no matter how small the amounts.

Regenerating Skin (05:25)

The largest organ in the body is the skin, and it is also our contact to the surrounding world; a researcher does a patch test for parabens on several products. Face creams are what we need least because they reduce the skin, a dermatologist recommends you put no oils or lotions on your face.

Credits: Hormones in Cosmetics (00:24)

Credits: Hormones in Cosmetics

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