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Contamination: Introduction (02:03)


Civilized advancements improve lives but result in the dumping of unnatural products and the depletion of natural resources. Nuclear power plants are subject to strict controls.

Biological Cycles (01:44)

All living things produce waste products and nature has tended to adapt to absorb the waste. Humanity has altered the biological balance, principally contaminating through industry, combustion, and mass consumption.

Industry (02:27)

Industry and power plants produce a high percentage of waste products through the burning of organic materials and the elimination of sewage water. Many substances undergo chemical changes when released into the atmosphere.

Cities (01:41)

Cities generate acoustic contamination, atmospheric pollution, and solid waste. Transport vehicles are the major source of oil contamination in the sea. Recycling can help eliminate waste.

The Countryside (02:03)

Human contamination directly affects nature; acid rain, forest fires, and felling destroy life. Contamination is on the rise as a result of insecticides, herbicides, and other products.

Summary (02:04)

Review the elements of contamination discussed in this video.

Credits: Contamination (00:39)

Credits: Contamination

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Are we slowly destroying our environment? We are filling the ground, atmosphere, and water with unnatural products. Some can be dangerous—and even lethal. In this program, we explore the danger of radioactive residue, contamination in the air and water, and the impact of this contamination.

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