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12.1 Language Functions (04:14)


Examples of clarifying information include: explaining plans, clarifying meanings and concepts, giving reasons, explaining language problems, and debating issues and facts.

12.2 Grammar (02:18)

Learn how to use gerunds as subjects. Examples include: giving advice, giving reasons, expressing an opinion, giving a warning, explaining the meaning, and stating facts.

12.3 Idioms (02:36)

Learn the definition of several idioms. Examples include: "kill two birds with one stone," "blow off steam," "break the bad news," "down the drain," "the writing is on the wall," and "turn it around."

12.4 Vocabulary (02:45)

Examples of vocabulary words include: beverage, texting, hazardous, graffiti, inevitable, negotiation, environment, and long-winded.

12.5 Pronunciation (02:30)

Learn the sound of "V." Words with the letter "V" include: very, advantages, beverage, valuable, supportive, every, vegetarians, inevitable, and obvious.

Credits: Clarifying and Explaining: English at Work (00:17)

Credits: Clarifying and Explaining: English at Work

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Learn to explain and clarify situations and ideas, and to use gerunds as the subject of the sentence.

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