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Vidcon (05:02)


Little Monster Media Company CEO Matt Gielen provides viewer statistics at a Los Angeles YouTube conference. An algorithm determines which videos are recommended. Influencer Marketing founder Brendan Gahan connects brands with YouTube celebrities who receive more views than primetime television.

Kwebbelkop's Success Story (04:41)

Dutch YouTube star Jordi van den Bussche attracts seven million subscribers by providing video game commentary. Tour his home studio. Managed by his mother Brigitte Lapierre Armande, his company has become wealthy. They attend a business strategy meeting.

YouTube Advertising (03:23)

Mindshare buys commercial slots for large international advertisers. Director Ruud de Langen discusses how young viewers have shifted from television to online media. Brand sponsorships generate income when subscribers become invested in personalities and follow their recommendations.

Importance of Viewers (02:09)

Ads running before videos generate revenue in fractions of a penny. YouTube takes approximately 45% and the creator receives the rest. Most of Van dan Bussche's revenue comes from brand deals, which depend on high numbers of views.

YouTube Algorithm (03:17)

The algorithm decides which videos to promote to the viewer, with the goal of retention. Van dan Bussche does longer videos, which generate more ads. YouTube rewards frequent content production by featuring it more often; advertisers also depend on the algorithm.

Content Length (02:54)

YouTube's algorithm changed to benefit longer videos; gamers simply film themselves playing. Dutch comedian Bardo Ellens spends entire days producing four minute sketches that have been overlooked due to shorter lengths.

Pressure to Upload (04:30)

Due to YouTube's algorithm, Ellens cannot take a break, or he will lose viewers. Google warned him not to disclose his income. The algorithm inexplicably removed his all content prior to 2013—steadily decreasing his viewers.

YouTube Professionalization (03:27)

Ambitious vloggers hire career managers. Social influencer Omar Kbiri signs a contract with Youssef Koukouh, who vlogs full time and separates his private life from YouTube content. Kbiri says content can suffer when vloggers are compelled to upload daily videos.

Clickbait (03:49)

Van dan Bussche's girlfriend Azzi has a YouTube channel with sexually suggestive content; she signs autographs at VidCon. Ellens and his colleagues decide to use soft porn to help expand content and increase views.

Ethical Boundaries (03:49)

Van dan Bussche's business advisers tell him to continue growing; he plans to make his channel more mainstream. On a Dutch talk show, he defends his decision to upload a video of his dying father. Ellens would not share personal content.

A Budding YouTube Star (03:48)

Emma Keuven, 12, has had a channel for three years. Her mother Angelique assists her with content creation and censors inappropriate comments. The algorithm inexplicably put her video about adolescent girls and menstruation on the front page, boosting subscribers.

Online Video Monopoly (03:16)

Google owns YouTube, the second largest search engine. Media buyer Ruud de Langen discusses advertiser dependency on the platform that can propel anyone to fame. It has 1.5 billion users and generates an estimated $8.5 billion in annual revenue.

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YouTube is travelling like a high-speed train into one of the most powerful online platforms in the world. Nowadays nearly every child dreams of becoming rich and famous on the video platform. Which clever earnings model is hiding behind this success story, and how will this affect our future media landscape? A number of professional YouTubers offer a glimpse in the wondrous world of the YouTube industry.

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