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Lang's Early Life (01:41)


Fritz Lang was born in Vienna in 1890. He volunteered for WWI with the Austrian army, and was injured. Lang was an actor during his recovery and became interested in screenplay; he was a scriptwriter for Erich Pommer.

Directing and Personal Life (07:37)

Between 1919 and 1922, Lang directed "Half Blood," "Master of Love," "The Spiders," "Harakiri," "The Wandering Shadow," "Destiny," and "Dr. Mabuse The Gambler." Rudolf Klein-Rogge starred in many of Lang’s films. Lang and Thea von Harbou had an affair. Lang’s first wife committed suicide, but Klein-Rogge, von Harbou, and Lang continued to work together. (Credits)

Science Fiction Films (06:12)

Between 1924 and the late 1920’s, Lang created and directed "Die Nibelungen," "Metropolis," "Spies," and "Woman in the Moon." Eugen Schüfftan created the special effects technique, Schüfftan.

Films in Europe (05:47)

For his first movie in sound, "M," Lang created a sound track and sound effects. The Nazi party took power in Germany, and Joseph Goebbels asked Lang to create propaganda films. Lang fled to Paris after divorcing von Harbou, made the film"Liliom," and then went to America. (Credits)

Start in American Film (05:03)

After travelling around the United States to get to know the culture, Lang joined MGM Studios and created Fury in 1936. Though it was too dark for MGM, "Fury" was popular and received two Oscar nominations. "You Only Live Once", starring Henry Fonda, was Lang’s next film in America.

Westerns and Film Noir (08:55)

Between 1938 and 1950, Lang made "You and Me," "The Return of Frank James," "Western Union," "Moontide," "Manhunt," "Hangmen Also Die," "Ministry of Fear," "The Woman in the Window," "Cloak and Dagger," "Secret beyond the Door," "House by the River." and "Scarlet Street." He worked with Sylvia Sidney, Fonda, Gene Tierney, Jean Gabin, Ray Milland, and Joan Bennett. (Credits)

Lang's Last Films (10:06)

Lang created many film noir movies in America toward the end of his career. He moved back to Europe and made “The Tiger of Eschnapur,” The Indian Tomb,”and “The 1,000 Eyes of Dr. Mabuse.” He discovered Marilyn Monroe, worked with actors Glenn Ford and Gloria Grahame, and featured a performance by Nat King Cole.

Credits: Fritz Lang (00:37)

Credits: Fritz Lang

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Fritz Lang's career began in Germany with Metropolis and M, then he bulit a new career following the Nazi uprising, and moved to Hollywood to become the king of film noir. 

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