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Ethnicity in America (02:46)


Enslaved descendants of Alkebulan who live in the U.S. have been called Africans, colored, negro, black, and African American. The designation of African American carries economic benefits due to disenfranchisement. This panel will discuss whether African descended immigrants with no ties to the turbulent past should receive these rewards; Tony Brown introduces Bobby Austin and Abdulaziz Kamus.

IdentificationDesignations (04:51)

Dr. Austin feels African Americans chose an identity, name, and position that is politically driven. Immigrants arrive at a different point in history and did not endure the Civil Rights Movement or segregation. Kamus describes obtaining his master's degree in Czechoslovakia; his first job was shoveling snow in America.

Economic Benefits (05:51)

Kamus feels prejudices as a new immigrant, similar to the African Americans who lived through segregation and slavery. Benefits need to go to those who suffered the most. Dr. Austin explains that affirmative action should be directed toward African Americans.

Kinship (04:23)

A New York Times article stipulates that two-thirds of Blacks attending Harvard University are African born or Caribbean immigrants. Dr. Austin explains that the black immigrant and African American populations need to educate each other about their cultures. Adults need to parent their children or they will be at risk.

Needs of Non-White Immigrant Groups (03:27)

Kamus feels Harvard University should expand enrollment of non-whites. Dr. Austin's daughter is African American even though his wife emigrated from Guyana. Race is a false social construct.

Not All African Americans Are Alike (03:25)

Those from the Mississippi Delta, a Louisiana Creole, a person who lives in Harlem, and a Brass Ankles African American are different. Kamus and Dr. Austin debate classifications pertaining to nationalities, race, and cultures.

Credits: African American or Black, Is there a Difference? (00:25)

Credits: African American or Black, Is there a Difference?

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African American or Black, Is there a Difference?

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The ethnic description of Americans of African descent has shifted from colored to Negro to Black and, at the urging of civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, African-American. This program from Tony Brown's Journal probes whether there are differences in these terms and presents the opinions of immigrants who feel that they should be included as African-Americans, even though they do not share the history of slavery and discrimination.

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