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Body Dysmorphic Disorder (01:52)


One in 50 people have BDD. Suicide rates are 30 times the national average; only 5% of sufferers receive treatment from mental health services. This video shares Liane's story.

One Year Earlier: Night Out (06:10)

Liane believes her hairline makes her face look lopsided and symmetry is important; she worries about making her boyfriend look bad. Mitch describes Liane's behavior. Alanah recalls not understanding her behavior before she received a BDD diagnosis.

Winter: BDD Diagnosis (07:16)

The Maudsley Hospital is a leading treatment center for BDD; Liane completes a questionnaire and Mitch discusses their lack of intimacy. Prof. David Veale confirms a BDD diagnosis and recommends treatment. Omari describes BDD as a paradox.

Winter: Family Visit (04:40)

Liane describes her relationship with her family; she does not believe she has BDD. Liane becomes upset when Mitch suggests she wait to get permanent makeup. Her father does not understand her behavior; her mother describes Liane's childhood and teenage years.

Spring: CBT Session (05:00)

Some personality traits make one more vulnerable to BDD. Veale will help Liane develop new ways of thinking. This session focuses on a shared understanding of the problem and goals. BDD sufferers describe their struggles.

Spring: Anxiety and Shame (09:28)

Liane considers her appearance in photographs and Mitch's perception; Mitch avoids commenting for fear of triggering a negative response. Veale suggests Liane seek emotional support rather than reassurance; she prepares for an outing. Omari describes his experiences.

Spring: Shared Session (05:55)

Mitch attends a therapy session with Liane; they focus on difficulties in the relationship. Mitch reflects on providing emotional support. Omari describes his relationship experiences.

Autumn: Inner Bully (06:21)

Liane feels ugly; Mitch reflects on Liane listening to her bully and not breaking the cycle. Minnie describes her BDD struggle. Veale tries to get Liane to focus on self-compassion; she meets Alanah.

Winter: Anxiety and Mirrors (04:21)

Liane feels anxious when she goes to the hairdresser's. BDD sufferers describe their experiences with mirrors.

Winter: CBT Session (03:19)

Liane reflects on when she first felt humiliated and rejected; Veale tries to help her update that memory. Minnie recalls letting go of her memories.

Spring: Acceptance (02:51)

Liane paints again after eight years. She recognizes she has BDD and believes she has the tools to help herself. Mitch wants to be supportive and the couple continues to work on their relationship.

Credits: Ugly Me: My Life with Body Dysmorphia (00:33)

Credits: Ugly Me: My Life with Body Dysmorphia

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Ugly Me: My Life with Body Dysmorphia

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It’s estimated that 1 in 50 people in the population have Body Dysmorphic Disorder, a condition that causes you to believe you are horrifically ugly. The film follows 29-year-old Liane and her boyfriend Mitch over a year as Liane starts therapy to try and conquer this crippling condition. Each week Liane meets Professor David Veale, one of the world’s leading experts on BDD, who attempts to undo some of her deeply entrenched habits, often leading to uncomfortable and revealing realizations. This powerful documentary from award winning director Marina Parker also hears from a range of people who are in recovery from BDD. Talking movingly about their own personal experiences helps illuminate Liane’s journey and reveals more about this little known illness.

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