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Made in Japan: Part 1—Introduction (01:25)


Will Ripley finds the streets of Tokyo flashy and futuristic. In this episode, he will investigate Japan Inc.

Japanese Robotics (03:50)

Many experts say a robotics revolution is underway in Japan. Ripley stays in a hotel mostly run by robots; robots reduce human cost.

Robots and Humans (04:11)

Hiroshi Ishiguro introduces an android made in his likeness and his newest robot Erica; she comes equipped with artificial intelligence. Tapia is designed to be a companion for the elderly.

Japanese Mascots (04:39)

Mascot characters are popular throughout Japan and are trademarked as "cute." Ripley visits a mascot lab and a mascot training class.

Anime and Manga (02:50)

Comics transcend generations and appeal to international markets. Character creation is a significant part of Japanese society; many resist computer generated images. Ripley visits Polygon Pictures.

Japanese Fashion (05:59)

People associate Japanese design with quality. Periods of fashion include kimonos, transformation, Harajuku, and minimalism. Anrealage combines technology and fashion. Tiffany Godoy discusses the impact of 3/11.

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Made in Japan: Part 1

Part of the Series : Made in Japan
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CNN explores how Japanese companies are reaching new heights of innovation, to compete now and in the future, while facing increasing global competition. In part one of this two part series, Will Ripley explores the fields of robotics, mascots, anime, and fashion.

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