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Rakuten Drone Team (02:56)


In Chiba City, Japan's e-commerce site piloted drone deliveries to golfers. Flight is currently restricted in urban areas but the government will change regulations with technological advancement. The company forecasts regular deliveries by 2020.

Rakuten's Company Culture (02:51)

The e-commerce site combines Japanese quality and customer service with Silicon Valley workplace innovations, and has grown in Japan's slow economy. CNN correspondent Will Ripley visits Tokyo headquarters, where English is the official language.

Honma (02:53)

The Japanese golf brand has suffered with the economic slow-down. Factory manager Hiroshi Suwa combines craftsmanship with technology to produce high quality clubs. The company emerged from bankruptcy under a Chinese owner and is targeting a growing market in China.

Vending Machine Sector (02:54)

Ripley purchases breakfast and lunch from machines in Tokyo. Fuji Electric produces most in Nagoya; they have a uniform design. Technological innovations include serving hot drinks.

Dydo Drinco (02:20)

Beverage company president Tomiya Takamatsu discusses added-value vending machine functions. Convenience stores compete with vending machines and operators still refill machines by hand. Smart technology could collect consumer data and notify factories of maintenance needs.

Euglena (02:52)

The algae company has developed a powder that can be used for beverages, cosmetics, pet food, and biofuels, including a carbon neutral jet fuel. They hope to one day fuel a trip to Mars.

Fuji's Diversification (04:52)

Learn about the photographic film company's rivalry with Kodak. It now owns cosmetic company Astalift; skincare products sell more than film. New innovations include instant cameras and printers for smartphones.

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CNN explores how Japanese companies are reaching new heights of innovation, to compete now and in the future, while facing increasing global competition. Tour e-commerce company Rakuten's Silicon Valley-inspired headquarters, learn about golf club manufacturer Honma's struggle to survive economic slow-downs, discover Japanese vending machine culture, and see how Fuji has diversified beyond photographic film.

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