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Martine Chartrand (06:58)


Chartrand rides her bike to her studio where she paints stills for an animation project. Her film, “Black Soul” depicts the trans-Atlantic slave trade. In Cuba, she explains her upbringing to an admirer.

Animation and Music (03:26)

Chartrand gives a group of school children a tour of her studio and describes her technique. She introduces the group to singer-songwriter Félix Leclerc and tells the story behind his song, "Macpherson."

Behind "Macpherson" (04:44)

Chartrand works on a scene and describes her animation schedule. An animated sequence depicts Frank Randolph Macpherson, the black logger from Leclerc's song. Chartrand explains her interest.

Logging Photography (05:44)

Chartrand takes photos of the river where Macpherson would have navigated and visits a photo gallery. She discusses black loggers with Arnold Fay.

Frank Randolph Macpherson (04:23)

Chartrand visits Leclerc family members who show her a photograph of Macpherson; he arrived in the area in the 1930s. She learns more about her subject, his herbal remedies, and racial attitudes of the era.

Macpherson's Background (06:14)

Chartrand learns that MacPherson arrived in New York in 1917. She visits McGill University and learns that Macpherson worked as a chemist, and that he lived a simple, solitary life.

Family Photo (05:05)

An animated segment depicts Macpherson preparing for dinner with Leclerc. Chartrand can relate to her subject's solitude. The Leclercs surprise her with a new photograph.

New Storyboards (06:41)

Chartrand reflects on a popular song from Macpherson's era. She finds a photo of Macpherson and the Cosmopolitan Club. She feels close to the character she is researching.

Chartrand's Childhood (05:20)

Chartrand revisits her childhood home, where she grew up with her white adopted family. She recalls racist taunts and feelings of isolation. Chartrand works on a wintry animation scene.

Formative Friendship (05:57)

Gaëtane Morin-Leclerc provides Chartrand with a tour of the home she shared with Félix Leclerc. Morin-Leclerc describes Macpherson as her late husband's first friend. Back in the studio, Chartrand depicts a pivotal moment.

Macpherson's Origins (07:34)

Chartrand navigates a raft down a Jamaican river. She visits Macpherson's old neighborhood and his school. She talks to students about Macpherson and her project.

Leclerc Remembers Macpherson (04:48)

Chartrand searches a volume of Leclerc's poetry for references to Macpherson. She cries as she reads about the men's friendship and Leclerc's reaction to his friend's death.

Macpherson Family (08:21)

Chartrand nears the end of her eight-year project. She meets Michael and Nicole Macpherson, Macpherson's great-nephew and great-niece, and other members of the family. They watch her film and share what they know about Macpherson's life.

Credits: Finding MacPherson (01:52)

Credits: Finding MacPherson

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Finding Macpherson

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Finding Macpherson is, above all, the story of an improbable friendship between the great Quebec singer Félix Leclerc and the intriguing Frank Randolph Macpherson, a chemical engineer from Jamaica who arrived in Quebec in 1917 and would inspire Leclerc’s song MacPherson. It is also a story about memory: a memory of the song that would push animation filmmaker Martine Chartrand to create the striking and poetic animation MacPherson, made by filming paintings on glass using 35mm film, while revisiting her own history. This highly personal and historical journey is captured by Serge Giguère, who accompanies Chartrand from the very start. A sympathetic look at an artist at work, Finding Macpherson is also a steadfastly humanist film that highlights the imperceptible but unbreakable links that bind us to each other.  

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