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Introduction: Venice (04:26)


After the fall of the Roman Empire, citizens sought refuge in the lagoon. Merchant ship owners created flourishing trade routes between Europe and Asia. City builders drove wooden pylons into the foundations, creating support for heavier stone structures. (Credits)

St. Mark's Square (03:35)

Saint Mark's Basilica was originally constructed during the ninth century. Artisans created mosaics, depicting how Venetian craftsmen hid the saint's corpse. Venetians placed four bronze horses, pillaged from Constantinople, on the facade.

Venetian Naval Arsenal (02:52)

The Republic of Venice built and maintained galleys in the shipyard, releasing one ship per day; the mast was erected last. Industrialization was a Venetian invention.

Palazzo Ducale (04:00)

The facade incorporated Syrian, Persian, North African, and European Gothic elements. The building served as the seat of government, a residence, and a courthouse. Members of the Grand Council had to be from an elite family.

Villa Foscari (04:47)

Wealthy Venetian families erected large country houses on waterways. Andrew Palladio designed "La Malcontenta" for Nicolo and Luigi Foscari. Monticello was derived from Palladium principles 200 years later.

Rialto Bridge (03:43)

Venetians dictated that all Jewish people relocate to the ghetto. Merchant ships docked and disposed of their cargo at the market. Palladio, Michelangelo, Vincenzo Scamozzi, and Antonio di Ponte were considered as possible architects to replace the bridge’s wood with stone.

MOSE Project (04:27)

"Acqua Alta" occurs three to six times a year, threatening the city. MOSE will use barriers to block seawater from entering the lagoon. Alberto Scotti had to make compromises for construction to continue.

Credits: Venice (00:29)

Credits: Venice

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In Metropolis Venice, presenter Julian Davison explores the history of one of the world’s most extraordinary cities through its architecture. From its beginnings as a tiny group of settlements in a muddy lagoon, to its rise as one of the most powerful commercial empires the world has ever known, Venice offers an up an incredible array of architectural wonders that start with its very foundations.

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