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Transgender Identity (03:39)


A trans woman describes her childhood, joining the navy, homelessness, and becoming an escort.

Perspective (10:31)

Many transgender people often experience discrimination. Genitals do not determine gender; the transgender umbrella is wide and varied. Early societies worship deities expressed as male and female; many North American natives respect two-spirit people.

Awareness (06:18)

Many transgender people feel a sense of disconnect at an early age. Transgender children generally struggle with expressing internal feelings.

Resistance (12:12)

Self-acceptance can be a long process for transgender people. Individuals often experience pressure to conform to societal norms; many have thoughts of suicide. Puberty can be a challenging time for transgender youth.

Expression (12:52)

Transgender individuals describe their lives before coming out and allowing self-expression; gender expression can take many forms. Experts discuss cross-dressing and relationships; 10% of wives like their husbands cross-dressing.

Expression: Gender Transition (07:53)

Many transgender people experience gender identity disorder and may require some form of medical transition. Surgery and genital reconstruction is a difficult decision. Coming out can cause problems within a family.

Difficulties Forming a Community (05:47)

The transgender community struggles with visibility. Individuals discuss impediments, "going stealth," and discrimination. Sexual orientation and gender identity are not the same.

Hardships of Daily Life (14:39)

Thoughts of gender and discrimination are a constant reality. Many transgender individuals struggle with employment and healthcare. Individuals reflect on bathroom and high school experiences, encounters with police, incarceration, and relationships.

Violence (05:38)

Bullying and abuse are realities for many transgender individuals; attacks are often more violent than attacks on non-transgenders. Communities hold candlelight vigils in remembrance of murder and suicide victims.

A Changing World (13:53)

The internet provides opportunities to find support. Today, it is easier for transgender communities to come together; the broader society is more supportive of basic rights. Parents reflect on helping their children. Transgender individuals reflect on their journeys.

Credits: Just Gender (02:23)

Credits: Just Gender

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This documentary challenges the viewer to question their notions of what it means to be male or female. By taking us on a journey through the eyes that see the world differently, it explores the diversity that exists within the transgender community, as well as the depth of the transgender experience in day-to-day living.

Length: 97 minutes

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Reviews & Awards

Highly recommended by Educational Media Reviews Online.

“Tackling the journey of the individual, Just Gender highlights the ability to embrace one’s own life and identity, evoking a personal connection that will make it easily accessible to a diverse viewership. It removes the stigmas that are perpetuated by the media of the transgender community and challenges the audience to question commonly held notions of what it means to be male and female.”—

“Parents need to know that Just Gender is a documentary about transgender people and the struggles they face to be accepted by both society in general and the LGBTQ community. There are some emotional interviews with transgender individuals who share upsetting stories about discrimination and abuse, but there are also some upbeat stories about supportive parents and spouses. Although there's occasional strong language (typically in the form of interviewees talking about slurs they've been called), the documentary is educational and sheds a light on a group that's often ignored or misunderstood. Four out of Five Stars.”— Sandie Angulo Chen, Common Sense Media

“With impressive and laudable deftness, Just Gender balances the necessity to educate the viewer about transgender concerns and terminology didactically, with a commitment to presenting trans people telling their unique stories. It’s hard to imagine anyone viewing it and not learning a great deal.”— Michael Mungin, Psychology Librarian, James Madison University, Rainbow Round Table Book and Media Reviews

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