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Insect Populations (06:51)


Martin Sorg's research team estimates there has been a 75% decline over 27 years. Insects pollinate plants, feed birds, reduce weed growth, and dispose of dead animals. Cultivated land has no flowers and is sprayed regularly with pesticides.

Entomologists in Nijmegen (05:04)

Researchers at Radboud University speculate that agriculture has affected insect numbers. Farmers depend on pollinators to grow crops. A group of hobbyists gather weekly to collect insects and send the results to the university.

Pesticides (02:19)

In "Silent Spring," Rachel Carson exposes how DDT contaminates the food chain and decimates animal life. The United States and Australia still allow the use of neonicotinoids.

"Save the Bees" (05:19)

The Bavarian Bird Society campaigns to protect insect populations. Legislation stipulates that 13% of the state must become ecological zones and 33% of farms become organic. Franz Leiner asserts chemicals are essential for productive crops. City dwellers lease land to grow flowers for pollinators.

Sustainable Farming (04:39)

Radboud University scientists work with local farmers to grow wildflowers on the edge of their property, connecting nature preserves. Dave Goulson worries neonicotinoids are wiping out insect life. Herbs and flowers are bee and butterfly friendly.

Bumblebee Conservation Trust (03:36)

Eco-volunteers search for rare bees and plant flowers at the Dungeness National Nature Reserve. One in three bee species are classified as rare or threatened in the United Kingdom.

Credits: Insectageddon (00:29)

Credits: Insectageddon

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Recall when insects used to go splat on your windscreen during a country drive? It’s rarer these days. Now European scientists have confirmed what many suspected: insect numbers are dropping like flies. Eric Campbell reports.

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